Angelina for St. John

In case you didn’t know, Angelina Jolie is the new face for St. John. Below is the evidence. She sure looks a lot different than she does at the moment, seeing as how she’s working on her new job of being Brad Pitt’s baby’s mama. But back to the modeling, believe it or not, I kinda miss seeing Kelly Gray. Her yearly campaign ads were like an Archie comic book, a little bit different, but comfortingly the same. Link from ONTD.

Angelina for St. John

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  1. i must say, yr blog is one of my favorites. it has the perfect combination of music and fashion.

  2. OMG that is such an improvement from the old St. John ads.
    Much more elegant, even though Angelina is a skank in real life.
    The photo is amazing.

  3. LOL Vieny arms. its funny because you are probably some fat slob who does nothing but sit on the couch, watch ET and criticize all of the celebrities. She is gorgeous even without the

  4. I think Angelina is amazing and a role women for all us strong women, and I must admit that I thought St. John was horrid until she helped to reinvent them with her elegant beauty.

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