Shout! at Bar 13 Has Its Last Danceathon this Sunday

Shout! @ Bar 13 has been an insitution that has been serving people without day jobs and NYU students since 1997. But now Steve and Pedro (your Notorious Shout! DJs) are closing the book on the party and Sunday is going to be the last Shout! ever with Steve and Pedro. Don’t believe me? Read it from the horse’s mouth:

Subject:steve and pedro’s LAST SHOUT!!!

Body:believe it, it’s true!

It’s time for the next chapter in the life of the NSDJs so this Sunday will be our last Shout!.

we did want to thank you for everything. you let us get away with murder. 1 hour long sets of obscure hi-energy funk-disco instrumentals? Not forcing us to resort to the hits? Letting us get away with things like old skool hip hop in the middle of a rock set and cheesy big 80s anthems before others sank their claws into them? Outrageous! In fact, nothing short of ***miraculous***! and that’s only the last three years! it’s hard to imagine a New York City today that would let something like that happen again. We were genuinely and truly lucky and grateful that you supported us in all our craziness… since 1997!

We’re going to miss you and shout! and we’re really grateful that you let us do what we did. We will never forget it. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no next chapter! Come say goodbye to us this sunday. Come early. Dance early. Party hearty. It will be fun, it truly is our last hurrah.

x o N S D J s, aka your friends Steve and Pedro

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  1. It’s Steve and Pedro’s last Shout! party, but the night itself is going to continue at Bar 13 on Sundays. Definitely the end of a great era, though, and worth celebrating! 🙂

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