Daniel V and Andrae’s Dress Onsale

Now’s your chance to get a piece of Daniel “I’m so cute in an art school way” V and Andrae from “Project Runway“. As the winners of the Banana Republic challenge, their design is now for sale on the BR.com store for $268.00. You could also get the actual dress they worked on at the Project Runway Auction–current bidding is at $225.00.

I was actually one of those people who voted at the design challenge. Who did I cast my ballot for? The black and white dress by Zulema and Kara.  Apparently you can see me peeping over Tim Gunn‘s shoulder during the segment. Hah!

2 Replies to “Daniel V and Andrae’s Dress Onsale”

  1. Zulema kicks ass. That is so cool that you got to vote!

    Hey Banana Republic site doesn’t support Safari? wtf

  2. cool, but I dont like Zulema. I really think Daniel and Anrae should’ve won which they did. Zulema and Kara’s was good if they would’ve worked more on it. It wasn’t finished 100%. I also think Daniel V. should have won the whole competition…he deserves it more than Chloe. I mean Chloe is GREAT but she never stepped outside her box, which I’m very surprised that the judes never noticed.

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