Last Night’s Listening Party: The Black Spoons

The Black Spoons listening party at the Knitting Factory on Monday included cute little listening stations featuring “the making of” out takes for some of the songs on their upcoming album produced by Paul Mahajan (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, TV on the Radio, The National…), which is dropping in April of this year. The one pictured below was the station for “If You Loved Me, I’d Be Home Right Now” and a bag of Sun Chips was placed with the CD player because apparently during the recording of the song Tom, Dave, and Ruben, got into when Tom asked Ruben to move his bag of Sun Chips. Gotta say, Sun Chips are pretty awesome. Original is my favorite (blue bag). Look out for a Black Spoons national tour and a NYC show at the KF later this month.

Black Spoons Listening Party

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  1. I’m pretty much just here to speak on Sun Chips’ behalf. I completely agree. They deserve a little lovin’.

    Also, I’m not sure what this place is all about since I found it looking for Sun Chips, but I really like the bands mentioned. Actually, as I write this I am listening to The National, which is ironic since I don’t have too many songs from them (recent discovery).

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