What Would Be the Theme Song for the “L.E.S.” TV Pilot?

They’re young, they’re hip, they’re sexy, and they have to pay the rent…it’s your new favorite show “L.E.S.” and it’s coming to FOX this April!

Ok, none of that is true (yet), but were you just totally laughing your butt off when you read this NY Times article about 126 Rivington like I was? It’s the “true” story of how 126 Rivington is apparently the most swinging “Melrose Place”-like apartment in the city. But all you really need to know is that Piper Perabo lives next door. Helloooo “Coyote Ugly”!

I’m sure some network and/or tv writer is going to make this into the “Central Park West” of 2006. But the real question is would they be required to make a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or We Are Scientists tune the theme song?

7 Replies to “What Would Be the Theme Song for the “L.E.S.” TV Pilot?”

  1. Laura, can you please just deliver the ridicule this article so richly deserves? Thank you, please.

  2. Some possibilities:

    “House of Jealous Lovers” – The Rapture

    “New York Is So Cool” – X-1

    “Trapped in the Closet” – R. Kelly

  3. Nice site! You might be amused by the post I did about this article, which is called “We’re Not Really TV People, We Just Play Them in Real Life.”

  4. have you seen that CBS show “Love Monkey” ?

    Tom Cavanagh (“Ed”) stars as Tom Farrell, a 30-something up and coming single record executive who’s navigating the tumultuous and highly amusing waters of work and dating in New York City in this new show based on the best-selling book by Kyle Smith.

    Jason Priestley, Larenz Tate, Christopher Wiehl, Judy Greer, Ivana Milicevic and Katherine LaNasa also star.

  5. First Jude, then that whole Flavorpill debacle, now this? You are SO going SWF on my ass. Or would it be SAF? hmmmn….

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