Pete Tong’s Advice for Apple, DJs, and the Music Industry

Check out this awesome interview with internationally known dance music DJ Pete Tong from Wired. He has some really interesting things to say about how technology is affecting the art of djing, how aspiring spinners can start gaining a following, and what Apple needs to do in order to keep folks like him feeling good about the company…among other things. Here are some highlights:

Be as entrepreneurial as you can; no one will do everything for you. There’s no better way I know to build a reputation as a DJ than to do your own thing, do something different, start your own night, get your own crowd. If you are getting 50 people to a bar on a Tuesday, people will check you out. Once you have a crowd, you have a scene, it’s human nature. Taste is the most important thing.”

“Things have changed so much. Bands can build an audience all by themselves. Market research has gone out the window, labels just follow the heat, really. They maximize artists who are already doing well. I think it’s really honest, actually. Almost everyone who arrives at a label’s door already has a story.”

“In terms of radio, podcasting‘s the most exciting development ever. For anyone with a niche or specialist reputation it’s manna from heaven… Podcasting is the next stage: You can grab it, download it to your iPod and subscribe to it. I just want to be in there to see where it takes us.”

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  1. i’m sorry, this isn’t about this topic but i don’t like this new look so hot, it feels too much like i’m at some boring computer corporation’s webpage instead of at a swingin’ music/musician/new york site. but you really write well about those, so hopefully i’ll get used to this new design. thanks!

  2. i’m still re-tooling the look. the way they wrote the design is kinda complex and my knowledge of css and php are… limited. 😉 hoping to add whatever touches I can…but hey, at least the site is up and running!

  3. any band can become big – just look at clap your hands…betwee myspace and youtube, record labels are just not needed anymore. all you have to do is some major online work. and then the people will come. and once you have people, and tell people you are cool, everyone else will believe you. another good way is by claiming you are from another country. then the hipsters here will LOVE YOU.

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