Changes for the New Year

Pardon the site’s appearance but I just switched over from Blogger to WordPress. Still getting my bearings.

The good news is that there are some great new site features: You can now find a search function at the top of the site, and I’ve also imported over all of my posts since November 2001! (Yes, that includes the infamous “slash temp” posts.) That means over 3,360 posts for you to sift through. If you do the math, it comes out to an average of over 2 posts per day for the last 4 years. Yikes! Someone get me away from the keyboard.

Can you believe that I’ve been blogging on The Modern Age for over 4 years? Woah Nelly Furtado! Thank you to everyone who has read my site over the years. Hope I’m still entertaining you.

8 Replies to “Changes for the New Year”

  1. the site is splendid .,
    it exudes a warmth ., not commonly found
    in the tangles and barrage of blogging sites.
    thanks for introducing new music
    and sharing your love for the stripes
    three cheers!

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