Limited Edition White Stripes Poster Set Sells Out In Less Than an Hour!

Woah! I can’t believe how many deep-pocketed White Stripes fans exist in this world. Well, I guess there are at least 50 of them who like to wake up for a 9am EST sale, because a limited edition set of the 11 posters created for the White Stripes most recent North American tour (below) completely sold out before it even reached 10am. How much did these crazy kids shell out for their favorite band? A whopping 375 USD at the least! (It was a little more expensive for those in other parts of the world like Europe.)

The prints sure do look beautiful, but my favorite White Stripes posters that I own are the two silkscreened posters (done by the same artist) that they sold during the Elephant tour…because they are of Jack and Meg‘s faces. So awesome.

Now if only I’d bought that damn 3″ record player…

3 replies on “Limited Edition White Stripes Poster Set Sells Out In Less Than an Hour!”

  1. RJ’s prints are always amazing and much more vivid in person–definitely worth the cash if you have it (and have the wall space). I’ve got the three Detroit prints from the last tour, and the two from the tour before that.

    If anyone wants to part with their copy of the Chicago poster (Hotel Yorba), drop me a line:

  2. i have the 2 detroit posters from the last tour and they unfortunately have the wrong dates on them, the shows took place in November not in October.

    and i have the poster from the 3rd night in detroit for this tour. i went to all 3 shows, but i couldn’t justify spending $75 on 3 posters so i had to choose one and i think the 3rd nights poster (w/ the spotlights) was by far the best.

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