Now that Meg’s a Model, Will Karen Be Forced to Take Up the Drums?

It seems as though you’ll soon be able to see Meg White‘s mug starring back at you from a fashion magazine as Meg is the face of an upcoming campaign by designer Marc Jacobs. From Vogue UK via Candy Cane Children:

“There are all sorts of people I’d like to work with,” he [Marc Jacobs] says, having booked Meg White of The White Stripes to appear in the latest campaign for his own line, shot by Juergen Teller. “But the stars–and I don’t mean celebrities–all have to be in line…when everything else just gels.”

41 replies on “Now that Meg’s a Model, Will Karen Be Forced to Take Up the Drums?”

  1. Meg looked kinda thin on Conan,
    you know you don’t have to be a stick to be attractive.

    She’s so beautiful just the way she is, so lets hope they don’t make her over.

  2. They could whiten her teeth, c’mon. Seriously though, shes prettier than any stupid model out there.

  3. losing some weight, getting her teeth sorted and leaving the band are the top 3 things she should do before the year is out. good on her.

  4. Marc Jacobs is known for using unconventional beauties and non-model celebrities in his ads. I’m pretty sure he used Sofia Coppola at one time or another, and he also had Winona Ryder do some stuff for him, which is funny because she had a load of his stuff in her bag when she, forgot to pay that one time. I guess it was payback for the free publicity.

    And I really doubt Meg’s leaving the band to pursue a career as a model.

  5. Yeah Meg is so classy, a true artiste.

    She’s not drumming for some lame cell phone ad or mega Coke-Pepsi commercial. She knows to keep the music out of the commercials. Commercials are commercial. Sell it……. on ebay instead.

    ( Jack should not do that coke ad. Is it too late to back out? Can’t he write music for films to make extra bucks? )

  6. But don’t you see, Coke is an officially sanctioned product, because it fits the color scheme obsession! That makes it okay (she said sarcastically).

  7. well i for one know that all those indian candy cane children are gonna really feel the wordly love or whatever he was banging on about, when they have to drink coke instead of water because their supply is too contaminated with lead from the bottle making plants.

    not that they’ll be able to afford coke or a white stripes record, of course. so who cares about them anyway!

  8. I was really disapoointed when Cat Power did that cell phone ad for MCI or wahtever. Her music is so uncommercial that it is quite shocking.

  9. Why can’t all of you wait until Jack’s ad actually comes out before you judge it. He could’ve written the Imagine of our generation or something, which I doubt, but I’m just saying the song could be really incredible. Hell at least Jack’s side work is music-related unlike Meg’s.

  10. Because Jack is better than Coke-Pepsi.
    It dilutes the music and the original intention of creating art. Music as art form, not as a jingle or Tool.

    John Lennon didn’t write Imagine for apple or whoever uses it.

  11. Meg likes Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs likes Meg…. so that works.

    Now does anyone remember when Meg used to wear the coca cola pants? Yes she did! So the coke thing makes sense.

    Now when the Gap offered them 1,000,000 and they said no it made sense. Cause they do not wear anything made by the gap.

    Sell out was a 90’s term for bands like Green Day. The underground is moldy and it sucks being stuck in the van for the rest of your life. Good for them, make money because health insurance is not cheap!

  12. The term “sell out” was in use way before the 90’s and Green Day – or The White Stripes for that matter – have never been underground.

    I don’t give a hoot if Jack does a commercial jingle, but at least call it what it is and not play it off like you’re trying to save the world one Coke at a time. The advertising industry is in the business of making money, it’s that simple.

  13. The white stripes are an established band. they are are not struggling in a van anymore and have made millions.

    Basically if Coke is so great, why do they need psuedo feel good commercials to prop up their corporation?

    It’s not just selling out, but lacking a political perspective and awareness in making ads that support what…sweatshops or multinational corporate greed? Why pretend that Gap and Coke
    are harmless?

    Americans are apathetic and ignore what is going on in most parts of the world. This is what allows famines and human rights abuses to continue.

    At least MIA did an ad that supported hybrid Honda civic, something more progressive for the environment. Like she put in some thought and research before letting them use her music. It just seems like Jack has very little political awareness in choosing Coke, other than it tastes good. At least Bono does his research and acknowledges reality.

  14. I have noticed in quite a few interviews that Jack seems very naive. He doesn’t seem that politically aware. I remember one time he said he doesn’t see the point in voting because the electoral college picks the winner.

  15. But coke tastes so good….and John Lennon’s solo records were released by Capitol.

  16. Oh please people. If you are really against these big corporations then quit supporting them. Quit drinking Coke, quit using Microsoft, quit shopping at the Gap, etc., etc.,. I’m sure a lot of the people who are against Jack doing this ad are Coke drinkers. To me that’s like hating the president, yet making a monthly donation to the Republican party.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  17. Why is everyone bitching and moaning about Jack? This is Meg’s moment. I am looking forward to seeing what Marc Jacobs does with this.

  18. According to, Imagine was released as a single by Apple Records.
    (one can assume though that Capitol had the distribution in the US, just like Parlophone/EMI did in the UK)

    Can’t wait to see these shots of Meg. I’ve always found her strangely attractive (in that she doesn’t really fit the mold of women I normally find attractive, but there’s just something about her..)

    As for Coke. Let them do what they want. As a graphic designer, it would be hypocritical for me to slam someone for using their artistic talent (in this case music) for advertising. Jack’s gone about this the right way, and is writing original music for the campaign – he’s not tacking a pre-existing WS song to it. Just like I wouldn’t take a pre-existing piece of work I’d done and tack it onto a campaign.

    I’m not a Coke drinker. But i drink truckloads of Pepsi. If Pepsi asked me to do work with them, I probably would – since I enjoy their product. Has anybody thought that maybe the WS actually like Coke??

    And as for Jack’s lack of political perspective / awareness. I must of missed the bit where that was made a necessary requirement of being a musician.

  19. A graphic designer works for a client and so is not an independent artist. A musicican or poet doesn’t have a client and isn’t trying to sell a product, but create for the sake creating something original. See the difference? it’s not to say graphic design can’t be creative, but there are artifical market constraints implied.

  20. as a graphic designer, I mostly work for clients, but I can also do independant self-initiated work without such constraints (and if you wanted to get really picky, call it “art”)

    there is no reason why a musician can’t do the same

    I never see graphic designers labelled “sell-out artists” and criticised for doing it, so nor should musicians who write a song for a client.

  21. With advertising the client has the final say and approval, which is completely different from an independent artist, musician whatever you call it, who has the final say in every detail. The difference between a business transaction and working with a client, and say working on your own project…where you have the final say in everything.

  22. Let me say this. Jack did have the final say on the song he wrote for Coke. He would’ve pulled out if they had not let him do it the way he wanted. Jack has said numerous times that he liked the idea of writing a song for something specific because it was a way of forcing creativity.

  23. Community succeeds in shutting Indian Coke bottling plant

    Posted: 01 Sep 2005

    Due to water contamination and supply issues, the Coca-Cola company in India has been ordered to “stop production of all kinds of products with immediate effect” at its bottling plant in Plachimada, in the southern state of Kerala.

    The Kerala State Pollution Control Board Friday ordered the company to halt operations because it could not answer the board’s questions about the presence of the heavy metal cadmium in sludge from the bottling plant that was offered as fertilizer to local farmers.

    In its order, the Pollution Control Board said the company’s reply to its July 1 notice seeking a clarification on the source of cadmium in the sludge discharged by the plant was not satisfactory.

    “Although the company admits that cadmium is present in the sludge, no explanation has been offered about its source. It was detected by the board that due to cadmium in the effluent as well as the sludge, the groundwater in the vicinity was found contaminated,” the order said.

    The board also said that despite specific instructions to provide drinking water facility to people in the affected areas as per the directive of the Supreme Court Monitoring Committee, the company had not done it.

    The board further faulted Coca-Cola for not abiding by two previous orders. The company was supposed to install a reverse osmosis system to treat its wastewater effluent and it was supposed to provide piped drinking water to community members affected by the company’s extraction of water.

    The Plachimada plant had resumed on a trial basis August 8 after being shut down since March 2004 because of community opposition.

    Women demonstrating for their right to clean water in front of the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Plachimada.
    (Photo courtesy Kairos)

  24. For one, clients in the creative industries can give you varying degrees of freedom – from strict to ‘do whatever the hell you want, i trust you’. Needless to say, you can even agree that you only take on the job on the proviso you get unlimited freedom. (although usually you ask for that to make up for a lack of cash, say for a charity job).

    It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that Jack’s contract with Coke gave him quite a bit of free reign.

    You’re also fooling yourself if you think musicians putting out albums have 100% say in the final outcome.

  25. Uh oh get a waaaaaaahmbulance.

    Reading all of this is just too depressing.
    Like I said before.
    Meg likes Marc Jacobs.
    Marc Jacobs likes Meg.
    Jack likes Coca Cola.
    Coca Cola likes Jack.

    ’nuff said!

  26. hes fat and ugly now. thats whats really disappointing here. hopefully a third world abusing tobacco company with the right colour scheme and scenepoints will contact him so he can sell something that will make him look cool and skinny again :]

  27. WHY THE GAP? Gap Inc. is a paradigm of transnational exploitation and the debacle of corporate economic globalization…

    …from the Devastation of the Aral Sea to the Ruination of the Redwoods! From the exploitation of cotton-workers in Uzbekistan to needle-workers in sweatshops throughout the global south! From union-busting in maquiladoras, to union-busting on US docks…

    …whether it’s advising the President to create lethal global trade policies, coercing the City of San Francisco to slash business taxes by 5/6th, or engaging in sweetheart deals for $18 million in public subsidies! Whether blocking a living wage for city workers, or privatizing national parks, public schools, and public television….

    …whether it’s applying for a “License to Kill Endangered Species” or manipulating the courts to avoid public accountability for forest destruction-THE GAP AND ITS RULING FAMILY ARE THERE, using their financial and political clout to squeeze every last dime out of our forests, our communities, our planet, and out of workers’ and taxpayers’ pockets.

    Gap customers, think where your consumer dollars are going! Boycott the Gap and other corporate criminals! Shop local! Shop fair trade and green!

    Americans, think what corporate greed is doing to our democracy and to the world! All life on earth is now at risk from unfair, unwise, unscrupulous global trade. We must find a better way!


    Shop American
    for sweatshop free Tshirts.

    There is always an alternative to corporate greed and exploitation.

  28. So critics of Coca-Cola have much to celebrate as 2006 begins.

    They say that 23 colleges worldwide have now banned Coke products from their campuses. And they have now hit a total of 10 in the United States, including bans approved in December by two large institutions — New York University and the University of Michigan.

    The anti-Coke movement says that the beverage giant is complicit in murders and attacks on union organizers in Colombia and in environmental damage in India — charges that the company strongly denies.

    But the anti-Coke movement is making gains in part by having colleges adopt policies in which they request certain assurances from Coke — such as agreeing to have third party, independent monitors investigate various charges. When the company is unable or unwilling to offer such assurances, it is losing university business.

    “We are costing Coke tens of millions of dollars, and this is growing,” said Ray Rogers, director of the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke, which is coordinating many of the campus efforts. Currently, there are more than 100 campaigns at colleges and universities to either ban Coke or to end exclusive contracts with the company. Rogers said that major targets in coming months would be the City and State Universities of New York, and the Universities of California, Minnesota and Montana.

  29. Enough already, hippies! We get it: corporations suck. The weight of capitalist greed crushes the environment and the poor. I think I heard about this new thing called gravity today, too.

    More relevent points of discussion would be “What has Marc Jacobs exploited (if anything)?” “Will Meg wear ‘off-duty’ colors in the Marc Jacobs campaign?” “If I look at that green apple long enough, will it explode?”

  30. Neither Jack or the White Stripes are planning on doing anything with Gap, so I don’t know why it’s even being discussed here.

    Does anyone actually think Jack’s song is going to help Coke sell more units? Doubtful, very doubtful. What if this song Jack has written actually touches you? Should it matter that it’s in a commercial. A good song is a good song regardless of how it’s used. A song is a song is a song.

  31. yeah smelly breath, yellow teeth, premature wrinkles, polluting the lungs of everyone around you, causing cancer, emphysema, etc. etc. is oh so cool. congrats for making yourself look like idiot.

  32. A song is a song, but White isn’t releasing a single here. It’s part of a marketing campaign. Coca Cola America is going to make money and that is their primary interest, apparently it’s not about saving the environment or having business ethics or vision. The people in India had to protest over a year to shut down the bottling plant.

    Cadmium poisioning isn’t that like lead poisioning? Maybe Mr. White, who am I sure knows about peoples concern now, can say hey Coke executives, since I don’t want my name associated with global pollution and sick babies, can you announce that Coke will fix the plant and then go ahead and play my song on your ad?

    The masses are not stupid.

  33. the masses are fairly stupid and they dont care that much because they keep buying any product they want. its easier. people dont care much unless it directly effects them.
    yes its like lead poisoning.

    models work for anybody who gives them enough money and promotion. he probably appreciated that element of her work ethic.

  34. 4. Anonymous | January 3rd, 2006 at 11:12 am
    losing some weight, getting her teeth sorted and leaving the band are the top 3 things she should do before the year is out. good on her.

    She doesn’t need to lose weight, she would fall off the face of the earth if she did. The teeth maybe, but who wants a perfect little minion? As for leaving the band, I dunno how you dare.

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