8 replies on “You Write the Caption: Claire Danes with Billy Crudup”

  1. um, yeah the caption should be maybe if I purge slowly no one will notice. EW shes so nasty… got so ugly. Is this what happens when you get older? EEEEEEW.

  2. “Oh Gawd!!! I am bored out of my mind. I only came along so that my homewrecker claws can remain embedded in my noncommittal man. I wish I wasn’t so damn insecure…but I am in therapy for that…among other things.”

    There is something so desperate and manipulative about this bleached has been. Claire irritates the hell out of me!

  3. well, i happen to enjoy claire danes. she should be thinking that her boyfriend is ugly and old, because he is. she’s too cute to be with him.

  4. More importantly, what’s happening with the corpsey lady in the upper left corner?

    It seems the arena-stalking paparazzo should have panned his lens a little to capture that creepy sports fan mid-aneurysm, rather than fawning on two celebrities who met on set of the cheesiest romantic romp, like, ever.

  5. maybe i will copy that guy in the corner and put my finger in my mouth slowly.

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