Models, Designers, and Whatever Sienna Miller Is

I’m sure by now you’ve heard/read that Kate Moss has a Virgin Mobile commercial that’s airing on British TV. Well here it is. Kinda not as funny as I thought it was going to be. 🙁 I love Kate’s voice though. So much girlier and cute than I expected. But check it out, she’s using a Razr…which is the phone I just got myself.

DOWNLOAD: “Kate Moss Contract” aka Kate Moss’s Virgin Mobile Commercial

On a fashion related note, Daniel Franco finally got kicked of “Project Runway“…again. He seems like a sweet guy, but if I had to sit through another week of him scrambling to finish an outfit I would seriously vomit all over myself. I kinda knew it had to be him b/c I remember seeing Santino at the BR challenge. Santino = This year’s Wendy Pepper meets Kara Saun? As in totally bitchy but talented?

More in fashion, the January 2006 issue of US Vogue has decided that
Americans give a crap about Sienna Miller doing her best Edie Sedgwick impression (she’s currently filming Factory Girl) and put her on the cover. Yes, because those trailers for Casanova looked…awesome as in awesomely bad (sorry Heath). I’ve only ever seen her in Alfie, and even then I only remember her boobs. Can Sienna act her way out of a paper bag? Link from ONTD.

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  1. No wonder that thoughtless creeotch Sienna thinks she’s a god damn beatnik- she’s just acting out her role as edie sedgewick. BARF. Get your own identity!

  2. Someone I know of had a friend who worked with the casting for National Treasure a while back. Sienna auditioned for a role in it and during the casting process mentioned that she was was determined to get the role in Alfie (in which she had previously auditioned for) and to become Mrs. Jude Law. She was serious. And I was at a loss for words upon hearing that.

  3. Seriously, anonymous above is right. This is just about the weirdest, most unflattering photo ever…she looks so uncomfortable with her neck scrunched up like that. As for Sienna = Edie, in her DREAMS, baby! She ain’t to Edie, that’s fer shure…
    PS: I heart Kate MOSS, she’s the coolest! I am going to do some blow this new year’s in her honor. She’s my hero(in).

  4. Wait a minute, wait a friggin minute here…

    Sienna looks like Edie when: 1. she has the clothes 2. she has the hair and 3. she has the makeup…then again, so could most fair skinned/bleached hair/waif-like girls. And it makes me mad that her eyebrows aren’t big and lush and oh so mod like Edie’s were. They better have that fixed for the movie or feck em. That was Edie’s signature!! and where’s the frosty lips as well?

    I don’t like the fact that she’s famous for being a “hole for the pole” aka jude and now this whole Edie publicity. People are just going to attach her name to modish, boheme, etc. and the thought of that makes me barf. This movie is almost going to be the cornerstone for her career, she’ll always be looked at in the same light as Edie- cool and ground-breaking…barf. Jut another clone folks…remember that. Don’t let yourself be a sheep…think for yourself and remember that they want you to think she’s cool so they’ll always have you coming back for more.

    Btw- the media is working on a huge warhol revival…guess they figure enough time has passed. I remember nylon pushing some edie themed makeup in one of their issues- and that was a whole back…they’re always pushing someone ‘so hip’ as always, different story though.


    It’s not that I hate Sienna, she’s just a girl who was born into privilege, knew the right people (through family, etc.) and was at the right place at the right time. Then again, who says I have to like her? hahaha…

    It’s not that she’s special, it’s just that she gets to play someone who’s name means something to others. This isn’t the first time this has happened.

    And, btw, seeing the photos just proves to me how full of shit this movie is going to be. Why spend $10 to prove myself right? All the poor kids who are going to waste their parent’s hard earned money and their time seeing the flick would be better off just watching the warhol films, doesn’t it make sense to see the real art if you like warhol and that whole scene then watch a rip off, duh!!!!…alas, that’s like telling a simpson fan to buy some real good music. Not gonna happen, not enough time.

    Some people won’t let themselves be saved.

  5. I’m so glad there are other people out there that realize Shitienna Miller is stealing Edie’s identity in order to boost her own career. What stinks is that it is working. Why is Vogue pushing Shitienna so much? She’s always mentioned in the magazine and on It makes me sick. She probably never even heard of Edie until she was approached with the script.
    To all interested in Edie: Watch the Warhol films, read books on her, and watch her in Ciao! Manhattan, because Shitienna is no Edie.

  6. I love Sienna’s style… everything that stars or people wear in every single day of their lives isn’t 100% original. I think a lot of people are very jealous because she’s just popular and pretty. Well, we have to watch her on Factory Girl to finally know about her actor skills

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