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  1. I personally love Cold Roses and I thought Jacksonville City Nights was awesome. 29 starts off really well with 29 and Strawberry wine but then it is just o.k from there. I hope Ryan has an equally productive 2006.

  2. i’m so in love with the new strokes at the moment that i can’t be bothered with ryan (gasp)

    listen laura…you’re going to have to wait on line for tickets for the strokes secret gig….cos i’m gonna need you to get ME one. (assuming the gig is still on for the same day that was reported, i will be out of the country when the tix go on sale) do it for your fellow starsailor friend? haha :o)

  3. 29 is an allright mellow self-indulgent this is what’s going on in my life right now Adams record in the vein of Love is Hell parts uno and deux. And I don’t mean that self-indulgent is altogether bad, some of Adams best work comes from that. The first track is interesting lyrically but melodically just like the Grateful Dead’s ‘Truckin’ in a way that is weird enough to make me skip it every time I try to listen, but the rest of the record is better. I think track 2 is probably the best one. I need to listen to it some more, but right now 29 is a hybrid of the dead meets 21st century alt country boy, essentially vegas wedding of 2005’s previous adams records.
    For Adams doing the Dead, I much prefer Cold Roses, and for Adams doing sweet drunken melodic soul country tunes I prefer Jacksonville City Nights. If you skip one of the three records he released last year I would recommend 29, but if you’re diehard you’ll find something to like on it. Jjust keep truckin on past track one.

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