New York Magazine Thinks Ben Stapelman Will be Famous…and So Do I

Whatever, transit strike. Even you can’t get me down after seeing awesomeness this morning in the form of New York magazine. Sayeth the glossy mag about Ben: “Ben Stapelman, 19, rock singer.
Ben Stapelman’s band, Surefire (imagine early Tom Petty crossed with Coldplay), has built a rabid following on MySpace and now plays sold-out gigs at the Bowery Ballroom.

Hooray! Link from Audrey.

10 Replies to “New York Magazine Thinks Ben Stapelman Will be Famous…and So Do I”

  1. very proud to announce that that was my suggestion. one of very few that my editor has actually taken! hooray

    and thanks for posting the picture. i was supposed to pick up a copy this morning at the office…but i’m sure as hell not leaving the house in this transit clusterfuck.

  2. Ha, this always gets to me… how this band always inspires controversy in the comments on blogs. Some people tear them apart and then a few more defend them. Whats funny is that from what I have heard, the band make pretty non-offensive and seemingly non-controversial music. Go figure.

  3. to be honest, they’re not my favorite band ever. but! they are like 19 years old and opening for big bands AND even not-into-music editors have heard of them.

    you’d be surprised at how many bands/musicians that you think are really young are actually like 30. at least, *i* was surprised. and that was sort of the point of the story- that 19 is actually really young to have made some sort of name for yourself.

  4. umm… wasn’t the point of the article that they were unknown “nobodies” now, and that they’d be “justly famous by 2010”

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