When Models Sing, I am Speechless

It appears as though the former Mrs. Leonardo DiCaprio, aka supermodel Gisele Bundchen, is taking a page from Mrs. Jack White’s, aka supermodel Karen Elson, book and unleashed her inner singer. Ms. Bundchen performed with Chino Maurice at the super-trendy Chelsea club, Stereo (formerly the Coral Room), last night. The crowd included DJ Charolette Ronson and Damon Dash, who just wrapped up his “hip-hop Aprentice-style” reality show called The Ultimate Hustler (Brian won).

No word just yet on the quality of Gisele’s song stylings, but if this sample of lyrics from Chino’s song “Oh So Sexy” is any indication, I’m sure the performance left everyone speechless: “she’s the motion in the ocean/she’s that movement in the sea/she’s my secret guilty pleasure/don’t know what she do to me”.

Can we expect Ms. Bundchen to be on the next “But Can They Sing?”? Pics from ONTD via Wireimage.

4 replies on “When Models Sing, I am Speechless”

  1. God forbid any more models should take up any jobs besides sitting there and looking pretty. Kate Moss proved she can’t sing on babyshambles’ album, and James King certainly can’t act. Thus, I ask Giselle to put down the guitar. What did Karen Elson sing?

  2. Karen Elson actually has a very pretty voice, kind of angelic. All the songs out there of her singing are kind of boring though.

  3. My beef is that no one is merely a model anymore—one is a supermodel, thank you very much! I want to keep my standards for the super honorific high, to make sure it means something: I want haughtiness, phone-throwing, and coke binges with rock stars. Fuck this dumbed-down, No Model Left Un-Super bullshit.

  4. Yes, yes, yes! Thank you, Constant Dater! I have been irritated by this ‘Every model is a SUPER model’ crap for a while. Naomi, Cindy, Linda, Christy…THEY were supermodels. Crazy Janice Dickenson claims to be the first supermodel…if she was so ‘super,’ how come nobody ever heard of her until she released her book? Jerry Hall, Iman, Cheryl Tiegs…THEY were the original supermodels. They should go on a campaign to personally bitchslap everyone who throws that term around like an errant cellphone in a cocaine-induced frenzy.

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