What Happened to Meg White at the San Fran Show?

I know this is kinda old news, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it yet. I got a note from someone a few days ago about what went down at the White Stripes’ San Fran show at the Bill Graham Center. Wrote the source:

“thought you’d like to know that the White Stripes played a disastrous set last
at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in SF. Meg couldn’t keep her rythm,
even with the simplest songs. After the first few songs, Jack sent her
backstage, played 2 by himself, and then went to retrieve her. They played
very few songs overall–I’d imagine under 10, and it was completely
disappointing. Perhaps Meg was drunk? Distressed? All I know is that it was a
goddamn mess. Just. Awful…They’re
my favourite band of all time. But c’mon, Jack. What’s goin’ on?”

Eep! Anyone else want to weigh in on what happened?

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  1. These responses from 105 were posted in the Little Room:

    I emailed 105 and asked them what was up with the short set and that I expected them to play an hour, just got this email back from them:

    “Yeah so did we. They contracted to do a full hour. I only counted a total of 38 minutes!!!!
    They came on 10 minutes late, Meg was loopy birthday drunk, Jack was yelling at her a lot before they went on, she ran off stage in the middle of the performance, Jack stayed and did 2 songs acoustic, then left himself for about 10 or 11 minutes, there yelling and crying backstage, they both came back finished a bunch of songs quite sloppily.

    yeah…38 minutes or so. We are just as baffled, disappointed and disheartened about the whole thing”

    “Put simply… Meg was in very little shape to play and the show sucked thusly. We’re really sorry. It sucks ass. “

    James Spath
    Live 105 Web Guy

  2. I forgot this one:

    Actually- Live 105 came on the radio today and apologized to fans and said that Meg was smashed before the gig, could not keep it together while playing- Jack got mad at her in middle of show. She left crying, then he did the solo thing, went backstage for 10 minutes where they were yelling and fighting with each other, then decided to come out and finish the already craptacular set.

    I’m posting these since you started a topic on it, but I don’t really see why you did. You could’ve found all this info from the Little Room.

  3. Well, I thank you for posting this because even though I am a huge White Stripes fan sometimes I can’t stand reading info in the Little Room. Your blog is simple and intelligent. Keep up the great work! As a side note, why did they need to do that concert? They have to be creatively exhausted as Meg proved.

  4. Whatever went down Friday—it was certainly different by the KROQ concert videostreamed Sunday. That was one intense and terrific set. “Same Boy You’ve Always Known” can be so bittersweet. He practically yelled it at her Sunday. Sounded like a different song, but brilliant. Good they’re taking a little break before they kill each other.

  5. Sorry this is s/w OT, but I hate the little room too, they should re name it to big assholes.


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