Doesn’t Ryan Adams Always Look Like a Gay Cowboy?

I just saw Brokeback Mountain last night. I thought Heath Ledger was great. However, I’m just so not into Jake Gyllenhaal acting in anything besides Donnie Darko. Is it just me? I felt like whenever he was on the screen not saying anything, it was just dead air. Whereas Heath had this underlying intensity…that he was going through some type of internal struggle, and you could just see it in his whole body, feel it emanating from the screen.

In any case, I thought the movie was good, and I kinda want to be a gay cowboy now. I will admit, I saw it with the S.G. last night, and I was slightly disturbed by how much he wanted to be a gay cowboy as well. Now I’m starting to wonder if all the camping trips with his buddies he went on this summer were specifically planned to be when I couldn’t go. Hmmm…

Anyway, sitting through an hour and a half of gay cowboyness had me thinking: Is it just me or is Ryan Adams perpetually dressed like a gay singing cowboy? Think about it…tight jeans, cowboy boots, checkered shirts, love of whiskey and “being on the road,” lives in the West Village, etc. Is “Magnolia Mountain” really “Brokeback Mountain”? Just something to think about.


UPDATE: Check it out! There are promotional Brokeback bandanas! Wear ’em proudly in your left or right jean pockets guys!

9 Replies to “Doesn’t Ryan Adams Always Look Like a Gay Cowboy?”

  1. oh fantastic news.

    laura, sG?


    and yes, magnolia mtn is really brokeback mtn, i agree.

  2. i love ryan adams, i celebrate his entire catalogue.

    i wonder what he would say about the gay cowboy comparison?

    great site here, i’m linking you up on mine, keep rockin’.

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