5 Replies to “Bring It ON! Whatevs vs Pink Is the New Blog”

  1. “Over the last few months, his site has gradually morphed from a guilty pleasure into the most vile, vain and viciously mediocre website going today.”
    I agree. with each passing day the site continues to become more and more average. before all the hype the site was at least midly entertaining, but now that he is rubbing shoulders with the hollywood “elite” he seems less willing to offend… which means less willing to make me laugh. in the words of trent, pink is the new poop sandwhich.
    btw, when trent made this post a few months ago i pretty much figured that it was an admission the blog would be taking a turn for the worse:

  2. you know, i never really got the appeal of whatevs. i couldn’t understand half of what the man is saying, don’t care about sports or girls who seem to have barely hit puberty (amanda bynes). pink is a celebrity gossip blog. what else is he supposed to do? what other purpose does he ultimately have to serve? this is just so bizarre.

  3. I agree with mp karen. Whatevs always seemed more full of himself than Trent. Trent has always been respectful of a lot of celebs. He trashes a few, like Federline and Kim Stewart, and hasn’t stopped doing that since he’s been famous. Seems to me like jealousy.

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