Save Scarlett’s Boobs!

Please, someone do something! Scarlett Johansson is trying to suffocate her lady parts to death! Shouldn’t Amnesty International be all over this? I’m sure breasts have rights too. Every moment we stay silent about this human cruelty, another areola nerve cell dies. What will it take for starlets to stop torturing their mammaries in order to support “the cause” (aka- their careers)? WHEN WILL THIS STOP?

8 Replies to “Save Scarlett’s Boobs!”

  1. Modern day bombshell, except her boobs do look horribly uncomfortable and unflattering. In spite of that, I’m glad there is an actress out there who likes flaunting her curves and isn’t a stick figure.

  2. Ok, I get that most actresses hire fashion consultants, because God forbid they should have a style of their own, but don’t they own mirrors??? Who in their right mind would walk out of the house looking like this???

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