What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Moranis: The Album

MoranisIt’s about time actor Rick Moranis (of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids fame) released a country album! Seriously, how many times have you been sitting at home wondering why it hasn’t happened yet?

Moranis elaborates about “Why a country album?” on his Web site: “A few years ago, just after [my kids] started listening to music almost exclusively from their computers, I began to hear traditional, bluegrass and jam-band coming from their rooms. They played me Phish, Jack Johnson, Widespread Panic, Moe, Stringcheese Incident and my favorite, Yonder Mountain Stringband. I also heard music they’d forgotten I’d played for them many years before–The Band’s ‘Music from Big Pink’ and ‘The Last Waltz.’

“With all that country and bluegrass filling our home, I wound up writing a song or two. And then another. I’d call up friends and sing the songs over the phone. Paul Perlove, my dear friend and sometime comedy writing partner encouraged me to do something with the songs. Although I’d done a lot of music for SCTV and sang the songs in the film ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, it had been a while since I’d recorded any music.”

Bless his heart. Link from Oh No They Didn’t!

3 Replies to “What We’ve All Been Waiting For…Moranis: The Album”

  1. Well, it’s a COMEDY Country album, of course, and it just got nominated for a Grammy. His fellow nominees are Lewis Black, Chris Rock, Larry the Cable Guy and the Family Guy folks. Yee, ha.

    Too bad The Vandals’ record The Vandals Play Really Bad Original Country Tunes never got this kind of attention.

  2. Rick Moranis is a pretty funny guy and I’d love for him to get some work; He had such a great 80’s and such a shitty 90’s. SCTV, and his Ghostbusters stuff was great. Anyways, as mentioned above, it is indeed a comedy album; and it’s better than another shrinking of something movie.

  3. Rick Moranis essentially quit his job as an actor and has said repeatedly that he doesn’t want to be in any more movies. It’s cool that he’s writing now.

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