MisShapes Is Moving to Don Hill’s

You’ve heard the rumors, but now it’s confirmed: MisShapes is moving to Don Hill’s starting this week! So don’t be showing up at Luke and Leroy’s ’cause it’s just gonna be you and some confused New Jersey teens standing outside. The MisShapes crew is psyched about this move because Don Hill’s holds a special place in their hearts–it’s the venue where the fierce trio first met. Adorable. Check out this week’s flyer:

MisShapes is Movin'!

Oh, and speaking of MisShapes, I was checking out the Dec/January issue of ELLEGirl that I got in the giveaway bag from the party at Webster Hall (BECAUSE I LOVE TEEN MAGAZINES), and who is featured in the “Behind the Music” story but Ms. Leigh Lezark! But she wasn’t the only familiar face I saw…across from here was a photo of the stunning rock writer Elizabeth Goodman, who I knew when she was just beautiful Lizzie from apt 3A. What the bio about her didn’t reveal is that Lizzie used to be a school teacher. Can you imagine having such a looker wrangling a bunch of tykes? Talk about hot for teacher (you, not the kids)!

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