America’s Next Top Model Totally Confuses Me

NICOLE WON!?!?!? What the HELL? Nik was totally robbed. Don’t even get me started on Naima winning last year. Did you see her in the fashion show? SO FUG.

I do NOT understand how the judges decide who wins. Tyra, you crazy!

And in the best quote about Nicole made on ONTD: “nicole’s. not. cute.
she looks exactly like chrissy from Now and Then, right down to the grimace.”

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  2. Nicole was much better on the runway. That’s what sealed the deal I believe. I think they are both gorgeous girls. Would have been glad no matter which girl won.

  3. It’s like they said, Nik was too bouncy and only had one look really. Nicole was much more versatile. She was able to look good in everything, from the pin-up girl shoot, to the more high-fashion shoots. She also nailed the covergirl ad.

  4. None of these girls are “high-fashion” material. They could make it into a bunch of Teen mags, catalogs, or on to the pages of Maxim, but I doubt they will ever make it into Vogue and other “real” fashion magazines. I think it’s cruel of Tyra to make these girls think they can. They’ve been fooled and the sad truth will hit them eventually. Look for their pics in a Seventeen near you!

  5. i KNEW nicole looked familiar! good job laura.

    also: my LEAST favourite part about nicole winning?? now we have to watch her EVERY GODDAMN WEEK next season when she does “my life as a cover girl.” “hi… i. am. boring. and. i. whine. a lot.” she’s even more blah than naima. boo

    can we say barf? and not because i’m bulimic….oy vey.

  6. It was so sad to see, she wasn’t even pretty. She is a boring whinner with a bad voice, another bad choice. I knew she would win though. Did she ever when a little competition or something? she is just very commercial and has a bad personailty.

  7. as you may already know, i LOVE Project Runway as well. i actually went to the Banana Republic challenge they did over the summer where they have the models pose in the windows…now if only i could find those photos i snapped…although i DID sign that waiver whatever it said. Santino is the obvious favorite, but who else do you think will rise up from the ashes. so glad they got rid of annoying blonde girl. BLAH

  8. Santino all the way.

    Daniel Franco can tailor a mean suitjacket, but I was disappointed with the cotton dress he brought to the show.

    Diana has a flair for texture and innovation, but she can’t seem to pull anything together succesfully. She’s cute though, melts my heart.

    Daniel V.’s a looker, but I could care less about his designs.

    Nick’s cotton dress was killer.

    As for the models, go Team Grace!

  9. yeah ive switched to project runway its the next best thing. Its like they kicked everyone who could have been ANTM off the show within the first like 4 weeks. Like that girl with the big lips, bitch couldn’t model but damn….

  10. Santino was such a jerk/huge ego problem for telling that Asian girl to her face that they couldn’t pick him twice to win! I hope he doesn’t win.

    ANTM is trying to pick Americas next Covergirl Cosmetics Model. The makeovers they do on the girls takes away from their own individuality. Like they ruined that Cassandra girl with the awful short blonde haircut. She was so beautiful.

  11. casandra was TOO whiney. it was only hair, and actually, i thought she looked pretty good with the blonde haircut. it made her stand out.

  12. Yeah but I thought she was so beautiful as a brunette.
    that blonde haircut didn’t look natural enough on her.
    and then they changed that one blonde girl into a bruntette and eliminated her for being too oridinary?

    Also Nik was too sexy to win..didnt fit into Covergirl Ellegirl teen girl image.

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