When a Teen Mag Meets Synth Pop, You Can Set the Night on Fire

Yes, I love teen magazines, so how could I pass up the opportunity to go to the ELLE Girl “Music Issue” party at Webster Hall featuring a performance by VHS or Beta? I just couldn’t!

VHS or Beta has been on tour for the last 17 months, and this was their last performance for a while. They played to a crowd of kids with free drinks in their hands, and nothing to loose. There was one dude who even brought his own basketball to the party…for unknown reasons. I also spied Merlin Bronques in a full “Merlin Bronques” outfit–sunglasses, wig, and turtleneck–up front snapping pictures of the band and more importanly, the partygoers.

Although lead singer Craig Pfunder kept insisting that no one at the party knew who they were, nor were they dancing to the music, I spied one dude up in the front who was…how do you say…totally feelin’ the music (below). By the end of the show, the band pulled him and a bunch of other people onto the stage to shake their groove thing during the last song.


VHS or Beta

this dude was psyched about VHS or Beta

VHS or Beta pulls people onto the stage



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  1. oh mannnnnnnn i love vhs or beta! i would’ve been right up there with that dude dancing to electroclash like a robot from 1984….oops wrong band.

  2. the picture of the dude dancing totally makes me think of william hung being all like “she bang she bang!”

  3. i was right up front for a hot sec…how did i miss you?!?! lead singer totally reminds me of one of the animated Gorillaz bandmembers

  4. Hey, I saw VHS or Beta at a tiny club in Bath, England. They were really cool and, even though we’d never heard them before, my mates and I had an amazing time. Much jumping up and down in group formations! Except for some guy who kept farting, and it was too crowded to move away from the stench. Those photos of that fan are fantastic! I’ve forwarded the link to all my friends who were at the gig with me. Alicia

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