The Only Reason I Read Metro…

…is so I can read things like this in “The Word” column: “Seen on the scene: Jack White partying at nightspot Home with his White Stripes bandmate before diaper duties start when his first child with wife, model Karen Elson, is born this spring.”

Think it’s true?

12 Replies to “The Only Reason I Read Metro…”

  1. Why don’t you believe it? Can’t picture him at a place like that? hahaha I really can’t either, but it isn’t too hard to believe I guess.

  2. Fuckin’ BETTY White wouldn’t even be caught dead in a place like HOME, let alone Jack. It has to be bullshit!

  3. What’s bad about it? I’ve never been there or even heard of it, I don’t live in NY, so I’m just curious.

  4. It seems like it is a hang-out for models, hmmm I wonder how Jack found out about this place? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. On Sunday, 12/4, we were eating brunch at Old Devil Moon on East 12th Street when Jack White and Karen Elson walked in. She has amazing skin and was wearing a belted black coat that accentuated her small pregnancy bump. He was much taller than I would have expected and made no effort to fly incognito; he wore full-body black, complete with black fedora, and sported a cane as well as white snakeskin cowboy boots. They were with two non-celebs and appeared very happy.

  6. who really cares about where Jack hangs out. Theres probably a shit load of stuff he does that none of us could even imagine…

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