Re-Vamping The Modern Age

I always know I can rely on readers of this site to give me some great information. Here’s another question for you. I want to redesign the site sometime in the near future, but I need some inspiration. What are some of your favorite sites on the Web? They don’t have to be music-related or blogs…just well designed sites. Also, are their any features you’d like to see become available? What are some features you’d want to stay?

Anyone interested in telling me of a great Web designer/developer, feel free to leave a comment or drop a line to redesign @ Not sure exactly what I want done, but I’m not opposed to paying for a redesign. If anyone is feeling super generous, and wants to offer their services free of charge for the love of this advertising-free blog, by all means contact me!

UPDATE: I’m interested in migrating over to WordPress, so if you are familiar with building themes for this publishing tool, drop a line.

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  1. I like the simplicity of your blog. I hate to see it get over complicated with lots of flash and what not, down-teching is always in fashion? eh?? Ok well I also enjoy your concert images, I have a hard time finding them, would like to see/get better access to those, they are cool. Here are some sites I like:

    Though the last one uses a lot of flash, that’s not nessisarily what makes it interesting IMO.

    a faithful viewer

  2. i’m not so keen on flash… if i used it, it would have to be sparingly…and have some funtional purpose. i’d probably want some more back end stuff, like being able to categorize stuff, do search, etc…

  3. I think that your website is simple and nice. Not too cluttered, and it reflects the name of “the modern age” very well because simplicity is beautiful and modern. However, if you would like to continue with the revamp, I would suggest that the new website should not be too cluttered with lots of links and other unnecessary stuffs such as a tagboard and other “javascripts” that will slow down loading time.

    And yes, I don;t really have any recommendation because I think that none of any website has a good layout or designs because they are either too cluttered or messy.

    Yours truly,

  4. I dont know but for some reason I put this site in my favorites so I can check it everyday but unlike the other sites I visit it dont refresh to todays latest news I have to manually type in the address so if you could fix that I dont know it might be me

  5. I think it is fine the way it is now, but maybe a little too much info down the right pannel. I
    say simplify (get rid of unneccicary information) & maybe look at a new masthead and background colour change – but only if you feel like a change.

  6. I will settle for anything but the plain white background that you have now. I can’t stand plain white

  7. Mostly like it the way it is. Please add search function. Also would be nice if the comments had a date as well as time.

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