The Big Sleep at Fat Baby

the big sleep

On Friday I went to the “Not So Silent Night” at Fat Baby where I happened to catch The Big Sleep. In the middle of their set (which consisted of loud, deconstructed rock–with little in the way of lyrics, but those who like long rock/metal jams will be appreciative of their sound.) I saw a fireman in full gear push by me and go through a door by the left side of the stage…which I thought was peculiar. When I turned around after watching the band, the once totally packed place was once again breathable…but no fault of the band–appears as though the NYPD raided the venue and people either got kicked out or left of their own volition. Sadly lots of folks were turned away at the door and didn’t get a chance to take part of the event.

Oh, and speaking of the “Not So Silent Night,” Levy also played. They have a fairly steamy video for “On the Dancefloor” depicting to naked folks videotaping their sexcapades at the Hotel on Rivington. Although all the naughty bits of the man and woman are blacked out, I still would advise not playing this video at work…unless your boss is ok with you watching someone getting a bj on film. I swear to god, it’s like watching 9 Songs meets One Night In Paris all over again. Link from Curbed.


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  1. i saw that show, thought levy were great. they got lucky and played pre nypd raid. great non the less. ive liked the big sleep for a while now, good live band.

    great blog.

  2. Levy is a very good band….but the small success they have achieved has gone to their heads. They used to be nice guys..they aren’t anymore.

    James Levy the lead singer is Regina Spektor’s ex ..and quite a few of the band’s songs are about Julian Casablancas and Regina Spektor’s affair while she was James’s girlfriend.

    Levy is genuinely a good band..too bad ..the guys aren’t so down to earth anymore.

  3. really anon? i couldnt disagree more. i hung out with james and matthew before, they were so relaxed and normal, didnt seem to have big heads about them. you sound like a disgruntled ex girlfriend!!

  4. i heard about the whole levy regina stokes triangle shit, read about it in sup mag over the summer. cant belive thats true, crazy. sucks for everyone involved im sure. all good artists, people make mistakes?

    hey im sure regina was lookig out for herself by doing what she did, im sure everyone is allowed one selfish awful moment in life right? suck for james thought i;m sure it was tough. great music/art did come from it. not that it makes it ok, or even worth while, but, its something?

    keep rockin levy!

  5. Response to Rachel A.

    Hon, I am not a disgruntled girlfriend of Levy’s….in fact, I can’t get over how beautiful Matthew’s girlfriend is…

    But the fact is that success has gone to their heads..and Matthew used to post on the Strokes Message Board as Randum. He once said that Ryan Adams was giving drugs to Nick Valensi.

    Hey, even if it’s true, you don’t post that shit on a message board…

    As for the Regina-James-Julian triangle, Regina is a talented, classy woman. James wrote beautiful songs – Rotten Love and Jewel – about the breakup..

  6. i heard that matt actually stole a piece of nick valensi’s hair and now uses it as an e string on his guitar.

  7. anon, come out and use your real name, you seem to know so much. but i doubt you really know anything? who are you to make such claims about peoples relationships? success has gone to their heads? last i remember i bought matthew a beer at fat baby!!!

    i somehow think you have never even met them. just a crazy fan who thinks she knows it all. your obvs a girl, i can tell. grow up little girl! get your own life to yell on about! stop slandering a good bands name, they; seem to have had enough drama around them the past few years, let them alone!

  8. Get over yourself, Rachel!! No one is slandering Levy. They are a very good band. It’s just that they may not be as friendly as they once were and yes, I have met them.

    I have also met the Strokes and no matter what anyone says about them, the Strokes are a great band…

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