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  1. It’s their worst. Most of the songs that leaked were the best songs and even those were nothing new. However, the last three tracks, particularly “ize of the world” with its crunch, stand out. They could have taken this opportunity to take a creative risk of making their own “White Album” like Pavement’s “Wowee Zowee” or the White Stripes’ latest, but they get too caught up in looking and sounding “cool.” Their is also nothing really memorable. They become limited by their influences rather than using them as a way to further express themselves.

  2. At first, it was a little bit difficult to adjust myself to the darker, deeper and louder sound of The Strokes, I felt desoriented. Also, it’s notable that in many cases the emphasis is much more on the guitars and on Julian’s voice then before…

    But after a while, it’s easy to tell that the “evolution” tooken by the band was worth the risk especially for songs like:
    – heart in a cage;
    – vision of division;
    – electricityscape;
    – ize of the world;
    – red light.

    The only bad comment I could gave them is that the album is a little bit to dark and it kind of lack homogeneity as a whole. On that latest point, the use of two diferents producers could maybe explain that effect…

    Mister D

  3. I love how people are so quick to make a final judgement on an album that just got leaked this weekend. I think it sounds great so far but its hard for me to compare it to the other 2 albums at this point. Ask me again in a month or 2. one thing I will say is that the rest of the band actually had imput on the songwriting (how much, I dont know) so that has something to do with the so called ‘dark sound’ but I really dont see it. ‘Juicebox’ is the only song I can see someone calling ‘dark’ but I wouldnt even call it that. ‘Razorblade’, ‘Evening Sun’ and ’15 Minutes’ all seem like uplifting songs, definately not ‘dark’ thats for sure.

    Is everyone’s ‘Ize of the world’ (another great song) cut off at the 4:30 mark or is that just mine?

  4. I like a lot of it. Comparisons are futile.

    But it will be interesting to see the black widow hipsters try to kill and eat them after fucking them (again). Or maybe this time they’ll be cool again. who gives a shit. I like it. They are still better than a lot of bands I go to see.

  5. Yup, Ize of the world cut off at 4:30,…, too bad because it’s one of the best and most intense song so far… Also the order of 15 minutes and evening sun are mixed up.

    Mister D

  6. Sounds like a great record so far – I’m enjoying it immensely anyway.

    But I think that Ize to the World is meant to maybe meant to cut out there – I mean, it cuts out halfway through the word ‘vaporise’ – so is ‘vaporise’ vaporised?

  7. so far i really like it. i’m kinda annoyed the whole thing leaked, but apparently not enough so that i didn’t listen to it.

    re the Ize of the world thing…i’m pretty sure it IS intentional. someone posted a really good point over at the strokes live journal which i will now copy and paste here.

    “I think it’s pretty cool that in the song Ize of the World, the words of the chorus all end in Ize and it’s basically how the we run our lives, and hence the name of the song Ize of the world. Also the last line ends “Sins to vapor” then if you add in the title the line becomes “Sins to vaporize of the world”. Smart bastards lol.”

    hope that helps.

  8. wow. not bad…not bad at all….can’t say it’s their best b/c i love all their songs. these new ones are really much more ‘thoughtful’ lyrically…

  9. since my life now revolves around reality tv and celebrities instead of music, i haven’t yet heard the strokes (no your eyes aren’t deceiving you, it’s true), but i’m sure it’s a grower and i’m sure the songs will be amazingly FIERCE live…
    speaking of FIERCE…if nik doesn’t win and that shithead nicole wins (cos you know bre is leaving next) them i’m boycotting and writing tyra a mean letter….

  10. i think the first 8 songs are good (minus “juicebox”) but it really goes to shit after that. i think “heart in a cage” is a fantastic song but will probably lose it’s wear in a month or two.

    also, if nik wins i will kill myself. bre is the only one to deserve the win even though shes a bitch.

  11. There definitely are some decent songs on this album (like vision of division).
    15 Minutes of Pain is still terrible.

    I think that nik is going to win.

  12. I’ve been listening to it over and over on the old iPod for the last couple of days. I really like the darker mood. Though they didn’t branch out too much and make an all-out experimental album, there is a certain sense of maturity to the songs here. Julian’s lyrics have gotten better. Or can I just now hear them?

    Very good album.

  13. I love it. It’s certainly something new. I’ll be listening to this for quite a while.

  14. nothing on the album comes near the first five except “ize” and “red light”.
    “you only live once” may be the best strokes song ever.
    throw “heart in a cage” and ” razor blade” in there too.
    “15 minutes” is the worst song i’ve ever hear din my life. an automatic skip.

  15. Spencer- Nicole is SO FUCKING ANNOYING. i want to stab her with an ice pick. personally i don’t think she’s very striking or pretty. she’s very blah to me. someone punch her. bre, help me out.

  16. Yeah I’m pretty sure neither of the links to download the cd are working now, suckyy for me.

    Later -????

  17. I actually really enjoy the album. It feels so much longer than their other albums (which is good). I really don’t skip any songs, and it’s fantastic while driving. Does anyone else love “Electricityscape”? That’s actually one of my favorites. “Razorblade” is probably my absolute favorite on the album though (too bad that wasn’t the single). The 6th song is, I guess, my least favorite cause I don’t really remember what it was. Anyways, I’ve been listening to it all day and it’s neat-o. As is the new Belle & Sebastian.

  18. Best of all is Vision of Division. Then comes Heart in a Cage, which is very good too.

    I also like Red light.

    But I am sorry fellows, I don’t like You only live once very much. Too many Huooo. Fag style

  19. Contains some of their best and worst songs. You Only Live Once, Ask Me Anything, Vision of Division, Electricityscape, Fear of Sleep, Evening Sun and Juicebox exemplify the best of the new sound. 15 Minutes is absolutely awful though, Killing Lies isn’t much better. The rest of the album is pretty solid. I’ve liked it better with every listen. Definitely a daring album. If it were 11 songs instead of 14, it would be right up there with Is This It?

  20. I think it’s great seeing a record cause so much division…. 15 Minutes is my favourite track (though I love the whole album) but many people hate it….. horses courses

  21. Someone get the man his vocal filter back!…. It makes my skin crawl when he sings so damn offkey (and don’t even pretend it is on purpose). Absolute garbage.

  22. Being that this website is named after a Strokes song I’ll assume that this blog is run by a Strokes fan who will probably agree that “FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH” is not nearly as good as “IS THIS IT?’ or “ROOM ON FIRE”. Their whole sound has changed. the new songs aren’t nearly addictive as songs like “NEW YORK CITY COPS’, “HARD TO EXPLAIN”,”REPTILLIA”, “SOMEDAY”,and all the other classics. Some of the good tracks are “RAZORBLADE” “VISION OF DIVISION”, and “JUICEBOX”, I guess ill come to like the other new stuff. But, its a little disappointing compared to THE STROKES two previous albums.

  23. Being that this website is named after a Strokes song I’ll assume that this blog is run by a Strokes fan who will probably agree that “FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH” is not nearly as good as “IS THIS IT?’ or “ROOM ON FIRE”. Their whole sound has changed. the new songs aren’t nearly addictive as songs like “NEW YORK CITY COPS’, “HARD TO EXPLAIN”,”REPTILLIA”, “SOMEDAY”,and all the other classics. Some of the good tracks are “RAZORBLADE” “VISION OF DIVISION”, and “JUICEBOX”, I guess ill come to like the other new stuff. But, its a little disappointing compared to THE STROKES two previous albums.

  24. fuckers, you say you like the strokes. way to show your respect by stealing from them. Fucking thieves. you dont have any idea what you are talking about. AND FUCK THEMODERNAGE.ORG! building a website covering these bands and instead of sharing live bootlegs your promoting the theft of their recorded songs. its fucking selfish.

  25. you’re kidding right? because i always encourage people to go out and buy the music after they’ve listened to it. but yeah, you’re right–i’ll probably be singlehandedly responsible for everyone not buying the new strokes album.

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  27. it’s beautiful, very powerful and alive!

    i LOVE the first 5 songs, then follow 5 weaker ones, except for ELECTRICITYSCAPE and then come 4 unbelievable songs!!!!! altogether like 10 songs i LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

  28. To compare, as everyone seems afraid/unable to, I will go out on a limb and say on a weeks listen I enjoy it much more overall than room on fire. I was thrown off with juicebox and 15 mins when they leaked, but once I heard them in context of the whole album I only still hated 15 mins. haha. Every song is very different from one another in a great way. “red light”, ‘Ize” and “heart in a cage” are my favorites. So much more dynamic than anything I’ve heard by them. Despite being very magnetic fields inspired “ask me anything” is growing on me more and more, I can’t believe how pure julians vocals are. I had it on back to back with is this it and it caught me off guard. My girlfriend thought it was rufus wainwright singing haha. I think it’s clear that pitchfork and their CYHSY bandies have made a conscious decision to hate this album already, evidenced by both of their reviews and peoples anxiousness to say it’s crap a few days into listening. I don’t really understand it all, i think it’s as strong as the rest of their albums and already becoming more and more of a favorite.

  29. even though everyone and their grandma HATES 15 minutes, the beginning just builds up to the 2:00 minute mark, after that’s where it matches the quality of the rest of the album.

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