Hot Topic of the Week: Downtown Bars

I know it’s hard to imagine that so many publications would be covering the same story not relating to Nick and Jessica Simpson, but behold! it has occurred right here in our little town of New York City. The topic that is twisting everyone’s panties? Some of you may be very familiar with it. Some of you know it as the place you call “home.” Bars. Noisy, dancey, alchoholy bars. Obviously the spawn of the devil according to many locals.

When I read Tricia’s piece about them raiding several watering holes in the downtown area I cried, “Well at least they aren’t raiding my apartment!” To which Tricia responded ominously, “It’s only a matter of time.”

Time Out NY is also covering the people’s revolt against alcoholic establishments. Other people have taken to revolting against the people’s revolt on The true hard-core anti people revolt supporters are still vomiting in a dark alleyway near Ludlow Street.

Oh, and speaking of annoying neighbors…watch this Christmas crazy video.

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