White Stripes Hit “The Daily Show”

Tonight the White Stripes hit the “Daily Show” doing renditions of “Denial Twist” (on guitar!) and “My Doorbell.” What did you guys think?

In case you didn’t catch it, here are the download links stollen from Little Room:

DOWNLOAD: “The Denial Twist” and interview (Live on “The Daily Show”) by The White Stripes

DOWNLOAD: “My Doorbell” (Live on “The Daily Show”) by The White Stripes

22 Replies to “White Stripes Hit “The Daily Show””

  1. Jack’s reaction to the pot question was best evs. I think it’s safe to say judging by his reaction that Jack does indeed smoke the doobie.

  2. I don’t think his reaction gave off the impression that he does indeed smoke the doobie. He gave more or less the same reaction to everything Stewart said. I think overall Jack was speechless because all Stewart asked were rhetorical questions, except for the pot one. Which I personally think just threw Jack off, if anything. And Colbert was right for implying that Jon didn’t ask any good questions, especially when the whole show was hyped up because the WS were their first ever musical guest. You’d think you’d put a little more effort with your relation on camera with Jack and Meg. Oh, and cutting short of my Doorbell wasn’t cool, either.

  3. Denial Twist was great, but Jack fucked up on Doorbell pretty badly.

    However, Jon asking Jack about pot was the most hilarious situation ever, if only for the fact that Jack is very anti-drugs (excluding alcohol).

  4. Do you know Jack is anti-drugs or do you just think that because of what he has said in interviews? I think Jack’s whole point to this band from the get-go was to project a wholesome image, but that doesn’t mean his image mirrors his real life. Ya dig?

  5. I really do believe that he doesn’t do drugs (I know, I’m going to be laughed at for that one). I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’d rather believe what the man himself says than popular speculation/doubt.

    Plus, the dude doesn’t like the internet. Everyone knows that if you do drugs, you need internet access to get a hold of all the Grateful Dead and Phish bootlegs 😉

  6. it was great, i went to the taping and we all had such fun. the whole show came out to watch. even ed helms was tapping along.

  7. Those are two very unimpressive songs. I don’t know why people are still obsessing over the third consecutive uninteresting album this band has put out.

  8. Nah those two songs aren’t very impressive, but to call their output in the last 3 years uninteresting, White Blood Cells especially, is ridiculous. Hipster alert! “Oh I only like their first two albums because no one knew who they were when those came out, all the ones they’ve made since they’ve become famous are shit. I’m so fucking cool.”

  9. I forgot to add I don’t think their new album is that great, but the rest of them rock my socks. I don’t think anyone is obsessing over the new album either, they are just obsessing over the band because they are a good band.

  10. Nah I’m not a hipster, nor a diehard fan of the first two WS albums. I’m not that guy. I got into them casually because of De Stijl, but that’s beside the point. Those albums sounded fresh, and sure, White Blood Cells was pretty good, but Elephant and GBMS were very subpar in my opinion. My point was that after WBC, those two albums haven’t progressed one bit. But that argument has been made many times before. I think they reached their creative limit with WBC and the tank has since simply run dry. I have heard all of these songs already on past albums.

  11. “I have heard all of these songs already on past albums.”

    you obviously dont know what you’re talking about. this album was a radical departure from previous ones. in conclusion, you suck at life.

  12. I wouldn’t say Anon. 9:49 sucks at life, but defintitely has a different opinion than I do. I think GBMS is one of their best records; In fact, I often have trouble deciding whether it is my favorite of theirs or not (for me, it’s between GBMS and the debut). I’ve also never thought of White Blood Cells as a creative peak. It’s actually my least favorite of their records. De Stijl is great though, and Elephant is okay, but really served as just an improved version of White Blood Cells to me. It was with that album that an argument could be made that the band was not breaking any new ground. I believe GBMS features a lot of fresh sounds balanced with some traditional Stripes-sounding numbers. I also enjoyed the Daily Show appearance (more than last night’s Conan performance by far), although he did screw up pretty bad on My Doorbell. The Denial Twist was the real gem.

  13. i thought all of the performances this week were shit. his voice didn’t sound strong and his guitar sounded pretty bad. glad they did red rain on conan though. and i like GBMS…but they should have done some random song instead of doorbell on the Daily Show.

  14. I agree with anon 8:13 AM and Ann 11:21 AM. The Denial Twist on the Daily Show was fantastic but the other two performances not so much. GBMS is my second favorite album following their debut. I wish they would perform The Nurse on TV, I feel it captures the new creative leap GBMS represents for the band and it plays really well live.

  15. I could go write a Techno Polka album right now and claim it was a creative leap, but the fact remains, shit is shit, and GBMS is more or less shit. It is about as interesting to listen to as a 8 year old piano recital.

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