Hong Kong’s Next Top Author?

Elyse Sewell

Um, how psyched am I to learn that everyone’s favorite smart, yet slightly snotty, America’s Next Top Model alumn, Elyse Sewell, is releasing her very own book!?!? It comes out January 19, 2006 on SCMP Book Publishing and it’s going to be based on some of Elyse’s blog postings but also featuring some previously un-blogged material. Sadly the book will only be available in Hong Kong. My Asia-bound friends holla back!

In related news, check out this story about the making of The Shins video for “Saint Simon” (in case you weren’t aware, Elyse goes out with Marty from The Shins). The video features the guys walking through a privately-owned reserve in Mexico that serves as the winter migration home for millions of monarch butterflies. Pretty damn cool.

Models, Designers, and Whatever Sienna Miller Is

I’m sure by now you’ve heard/read that Kate Moss has a Virgin Mobile commercial that’s airing on British TV. Well here it is. Kinda not as funny as I thought it was going to be. 🙁 I love Kate’s voice though. So much girlier and cute than I expected. But check it out, she’s using a Razr…which is the phone I just got myself.

DOWNLOAD: “Kate Moss Contract” aka Kate Moss’s Virgin Mobile Commercial

On a fashion related note, Daniel Franco finally got kicked of “Project Runway“…again. He seems like a sweet guy, but if I had to sit through another week of him scrambling to finish an outfit I would seriously vomit all over myself. I kinda knew it had to be him b/c I remember seeing Santino at the BR challenge. Santino = This year’s Wendy Pepper meets Kara Saun? As in totally bitchy but talented?

More in fashion, the January 2006 issue of US Vogue has decided that
Americans give a crap about Sienna Miller doing her best Edie Sedgwick impression (she’s currently filming Factory Girl) and put her on the cover. Yes, because those trailers for Casanova looked…awesome as in awesomely bad (sorry Heath). I’ve only ever seen her in Alfie, and even then I only remember her boobs. Can Sienna act her way out of a paper bag? Link from ONTD.

Ryan Adams’s “29”

Oh yeah, Ryan Adams‘s last album of 2006 2005 (whoops! guess who’s tired), 29, came out today. I haven’t bought it yet because I was preoccupied with the transit strike, but maybe some of you have listened to it? What do you think?



Well that was…fun?

UPDATE: Today (Wednesday) I tried riding my bike to work, a feat I’ve only attempted once before in the summer. Let me tell you this, it’s not as much fun riding your bike to work in the dead of winter. It took me 45 minutes to ride to work, which was shorter than the hour it took me to walk home last night, but I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing tomorrow if the strike is still on.

New York Magazine Thinks Ben Stapelman Will be Famous…and So Do I

Whatever, transit strike. Even you can’t get me down after seeing awesomeness this morning in the form of New York magazine. Sayeth the glossy mag about Ben: “Ben Stapelman, 19, rock singer.
Ben Stapelman’s band, Surefire (imagine early Tom Petty crossed with Coldplay), has built a rabid following on MySpace and now plays sold-out gigs at the Bowery Ballroom.

Hooray! Link from Audrey.