Ryan Adams Loves Puppies

Ok, so today we established that the YYY’s Karen O loves kitties, but now I have to remind you that Ryan Adams loves puppies.

This past weekend I was walking in the West Village when I stoppped to look at 3 black-haired puppies that were in a pet store window. Only moments later, Ryan Adams strolled past the store and also stopped to look at the puppies. After taking a good look at them, I saw him go into the store and look at them from the partition. Through the glass I could see him gesticulating to the man who owned the store–pointing to one of the dogs and asking questions. After a few moments, he sauntered further into the store. Not sure if he bought the puppy and/or dog food.

The following photo was sent to me…it may or may not have been taken by the group of Japanese tourists that were also looking at the pups.

Does Ryan Adams want to know how much IS that doggie in the window?

9 replies on “Ryan Adams Loves Puppies”

  1. hey kiran can you read

    he didn’t buy a dog he just looked in the window and went in to see them

    puppy mills are awful but regardless once you see one of those puppies when you’re just walking along what’s wrong with saving it. they kill the ones they don’t sell you know. at least there are no kill shelters. there are no no kill pet stores.

  2. err breeders aren’t prime examples either. breeders supply the animals to pet stores…

    if anyone wants an animal, go to an animal shelter. lost dogs home etc

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