Meow! Karen O: Vicious Cat Lover

According to MTV news the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album is a concept record about the life of Karen O’s new cat, Coco Beware. Tentatively set to drop in March 2006, the LP is being produced by Spike Jonze‘s lil’ bro, Squeak E. Clean, who worked with both Spike and Karen on that Adidas commercial.

According to MTV, Karen found Coco while on a “spiritual journey” to South America. Says Clean, “The whole album is pretty much about this cat’s journey from Chile to New York. Each track tells the story of the [cat’s life]. So it starts with Coco’s birth, to when they found Coco, and continues.”

Well let’s just hope that this album is better than the last concept album I listened to. Thanks to Rod for the head’s up.

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  1. the cat concept album has been done. a band called South San Gabriel released a record called The Carlton Chronicles on Misra Records in the US and Munich Records in Europe. There was much press about it. Uncut and Mojo gave it a rave review.

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