First Impressions of The Strokes at ULU

The Strokes

Scott has some good links.

More importantly, here are the links to the live MP3s of new songs that were recorded at the gig that can be found on the Strokes LJ. Oh, and don’t forget to stare at your wallpaper-sized version of the photo above off the Radio 1 site while you listen:

DOWNLOAD: “Electricityscape” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Red Light” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Vision of Division” (Live) by The Strokes

DOWNLOAD: “Evening Sun” (Live) by The Strokes

Probably the most impressive thing about the set was the fact that it lasted an hour and a half. That must be a new Strokes world record or something.

Oh you crazy kids

MORE: Check out Andrew Kendall’s WMV file of assembled still photos of the retardedly LONG QUEUE that kids waited/slept overnight on in order to get tickets to the gig.

DOWNLOAD: The Strokes ULU Line Video by Andrew Kendall

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  1. hello..can i download any of the strokes video that u have?gimme any links.shout at my email ok?

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