Scrimping and Saving to Live In NYC

Oh man, I’d be lying if I said this Ed’s Girl blog post about how to pinch pennies didn’t make me a little sad. Someone give this girl a full-time job so she can eat a meal outside the walls of her live-in hostel! Well…not that a typical edit assistants salary (think 23k-30k. I think that even all-mighty TimeWarner tells EA candidates that the salary is 25k.) even qualifies as money for survival in NYC. Augh!

The salaries of assistants and lower-level editors at print publications is pitiful! It’s painful to think of the daunting task of surviving these mean streets…living on open bars and beer nuts. It sure takes some nerves of steel and serious money management skills to make it as a writer in this bloodsucking city. But of course I’m not even touching about all the low-paying yet somehow “appealing” jobs that exist in this town. I’m sure many a public relations assistant, marketing assistant, etc., have many a sad story to tell. Now you know why that girl working the door at the last event you went to was so pissy. It’s because she makes 21k a year. Go ahead, air your grievances!

MORE: More pitiful editorial job salaries.

3 Replies to “Scrimping and Saving to Live In NYC”

  1. I second that. I don’t know how much you make, but I just moved out of New York and I never made as much as those editorial salaries listed, and I drank myself silly and never once had to use a $1 hot dog for a meal.

  2. What’s wrong with $1 dirty-water hotdogs? Even if I can afford better, I’d still eat them. Unfortunately I don’t live in the city, so I can’t get any.

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