Clap Your Hands Say YUCK: A Report from London

CYHSYI couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read this review of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s show at my old stomping ground of ULU by Simon Price for the Independent.

With key phrases like “…singer Alec Ounsworth is, for reasons best known to himself, singing in the breaking-voice yodel of an adolescent boy. It’s Jonathan Richman meets Emo Phillips, and it’s profoundly annoying.” and “But no, on the next song, he’s at it again, yelping and screeching like a pig with its foot in a snare. I’m torn between a desire to commit murder and a desire to amputate my own ears without anaesthetic,” even if you like CYHSY (as I do), you have to agree the man does have some valid points. This is a great example of how to write a scathing review of a live show without resorting to…well, you know.

MORE: The above photo was taken on November 14th in London by Neil 365. Check out good ol’ “Clap Your Hands Say Khaki” Man.

IN OTHER NEWS: The Strokes played ULU tonight as part of the “secret gigs” tour.

3 Replies to “Clap Your Hands Say YUCK: A Report from London”

  1. I read that and all I could think of is how England is 3 months behind in their CYHSY backlash! It may have been better written, but they were the same critiques brought up by every contrarian US blogger by the end of the summer. Not that I don’t disagree with some of his points, (I like them too) but it made me smile.

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