You Write the Caption: Bronques and Cobrasnake on Flickr

Bronques and Cobrasnake, originally uploaded by Rocco Kasby.

I guess it’s true what they say…”birds of a feather…see rock shows together.” Check out this photo taken by Rocco Kasby of Merlin “Last Night’s Party” Bronques and Mark “Cobrasnake” Hunter. A friend of mine called this picture a sign of the apocalypse.

I’ve got a good idea. For New Year’s I think Merlin should dress up like Mark and vice versa. Either that or I dress up like one of them and try to take pictures of you drunk showing me your boobs. Kinda like what this girl did for Halloween. Whatdaya think?

Looks like it’s time for another caption writing contest…do your best…or your worst.

8 Replies to “You Write the Caption: Bronques and Cobrasnake on Flickr”

  1. they were both in a picture together back at the time of Lollapalooza as well, since they were both at the same party (the virgin mobile thing).

    done happened already.

  2. here’s your caption: the two biggest douchebag scensters in New York right before they fellate each other.

  3. Dude, cobrasnake’s the biggest douchebag scenester in L.A.

    Am I alone in wanting to see these two ponces fight each other to the death?

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