The Return of the Strokes

The Strokes talk to The Guardian about their return to the music world and their new album. Here are some quotes:

“It was a depth initiated, he [Moretti] says, by a new maturity in Casablancas’s songwriting. ‘Not to dog anything, those two last records they’re like ex-girlfriends who you gotta respect and love because they got you to think the way you’re thinking now. But I think that this new love affair …’ Valensi wades in: ‘Is this your current girlfriend, this album?’ ‘Yeah,’ rejoins Moretti. “This album is my new girlfriend. And she’s not only beautiful but smart. It has a little je ne sais quoi.'”

Fab: “And he [David Khane] always referred to other session musicians who were perfect. Like the drummer from this band called Fishbone. I swear to God, if I ever meet that guy I feel like I should get on my knees and suck his dick ‘cos it was always, ‘If Johnny Fishbone were here he’d be able to do that part in a minute!’ “

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  1. anyone who has ever hung out with one of The Stokes knows they come off as having the intellect of a 16 year old.


  2. The Strokes are so totally over.

    It is really a shame. The new alubm features horrible vocals by Casablancas.

  3. I am not a hipster and I am not full of myself.

    I am speaking the truth. The band is a joke. They are known as the band whose drummer fucks Drew Barrymore.

    The New York Daily News (and New York is the Strokes hometown)said a few months ago, the Strokes have gone the way of the Vines and the Hives…oblivion.

    This new album is a pathetic attempt to be hip..and cool.

    What a joke..

  4. Who cares about which girls they are screwing??!! They are not taking theirself so serious as shitty bands as the Killers for example, I’m grateful for that.

  5. They recently had a listening party at Black and White in NY (the bar located underneath the band’s offices) and hardly anyone showed up

    Yeah, this band is really thriving…


  6. dude, they’re such pretentious fucks. i don’t even listen to them anymore, not even when i’m high.

  7. The Strokes WERE a good band. I really think they were mismanaged from the start.

    And dumping Gordon Raphael as producer for David Kahne was a HUGE mistake….

  8. I think it was silly to sack Gordon… They have obviously been more busy with their lovelife than making good music this last year…

  9. the strokes were never that good. their first record was interesting, and only because it was midly tuneful. they’re not a shitty band by any means, but they were hardly the indie music saviours the press made them out to be a few years ago. people are starting to wise up.

  10. People on both sides of this argument are misguided. The Strokes are a good band because they make good music, not because so many people like them or don’t like them. For how many artists is their number of fans proportionate to their quality? And any factors other than the music shouldn’t even come into play, because even if they are assholes, on a list of the biggest assholes in music, they wouldn’t even make the top 50.

  11. considering that the album isnt out yet… its pretty fucking absurd to make such hard judgements. When it comes out you can pee on their faces all you want. Until then… stop making predictions about a bands future before we even know how there album is…you false prophet bastards.

  12. A number of the tracks on “First Impressions of the Earth” have been leaked. Julian sounds like a crackhead on most of the tracks…

  13. whoever is dumping on the strokes go blow yourself first off. Then maybe have a listen to is this it an room on fire again before you start bitchin. the strokes are an extremely good band. so their drummer gets more tang than you. sumtimes life’s a bitch. Also before you call fab a shitty drummer listen a bit closer to some of those beats they’re pretty good and diffcult. Have you ever tried to play new york city cops. I dont like bein this hostile over sumone else’s opinon but dude whoever you are u gotta get off the pot, its doin stff 2 ur head.

  14. i don’t understand all the reactions. why are people still posting messages even when they don’t like the strokes? there has to be frustrations or something. it’s really sad.

    if you don’t like it, or even hate it, why spilling energy? just go and listen to your own superior music and to your own mature, intellectual answers.

    hail to the strokes!

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