When RENTheads Unite: Midnight Show at the Ziegfeld

Tonight I went to the 12 midnight showing of RENT. Yes, that makes this the 2nd time I’ve seen this movie in one week. The first time was at the world premiere.

But this time was just as fun. It was great to see it with such a responsive crowd. The most fun thing was seeing all the young teenage kids dressed up as the movie characters and/or decked out in RENT paraphernalia and homemade tshirts. And you can imagine the pandemonium that erupted when original cast member Anthony Rapp and newbie Tracie Thoms ran into the theater right before the film started.

Oh and totally unrelated, I saw Mercedes from “America’s Next Top Model” Cycle 2 at dinner.

Hooray geekdom! I’m so retarded tired.

UPDATE: The NY Times gave the movie a positive review. In addition to “RENT,” I’ve seen Walk the Line and “Jesus Is Magic” in the theater. Walk the Line, performances are better than the movie itself, which can be hokey, over-the-top and hard to believe through many portions of the movie, if not the whole thing. “Jesus Is Magic”…apparently I’m not really into Sarah Silverman’s comedy because I didn’t think it was as funny as I had anticipated.

Girl in catsuit

Her RENT tattoo

Homemade shirts

More homemade tees

Mimi, Mark, Roger

RENT tee

Anthony and Tracie

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  1. FUN. I’m about to hit the 12:15pm (yeah, thats in the afternoon) showing up the street at my local cineplex where I guarantee there will only be 4 other people in the audience and no one will be wearing pleather.

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