Motor City Residents Must be Psyched…Real World: Detroit

I can’t remember if I’ve already written about this or not, but I don’t remember reading lots of emails saying “gag” or “oh shoot me now,” so I’m assuming I haven’t. But according to rumors, MTV’s “Real World” is currently setting up house in the decidedly “not really Detroit” suburban area of The DRoyal Oak. It’s basically like calling it “Real World: New York” and setting it on Long Island.

Anyways, locals are theorizing that MTV is setting up came there in order to take advantage of some Super Bowl XL magic, as Detroit is the host city for 2006. Would kinda love to see the RW kids going into downtown Detroit for a show and then running back to their car and driving as fast as they can back to the safety of the suburbs. Stay tuned…!

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  1. Not true! MTV advertising sales is going to lease 8000 sq. feet in Royal Oak – it is not the Real World

  2. Downtown Detroit is the remnant of racist white flight to the suburbs. All the white people of Detroit should be ashamed for not pitching in and rebuilding their city.

  3. Hey anonymous at 11:54AM–as a white person living in Detroit, I really hope your comment was sarcasm.

    If not, I’d love to meet with you somewhere for lunch and hear out your point of view.

  4. i heard it was a real world too, and i am a ferndale girl

    and for the record, its perposterous to have it in Royal Oak, RO is the worst!!

    tons of great lofts & shops are going up downtown, and it would probably bring some outside interest to detroit, but hey, why would we want to do that…right kwamie….

  5. as a former farmington hills resident, i can only say that anything in the detroit area would be awesome. and this comes right on the heels of a great night at the motor city bar here in manhattan. what’s next? the lions win on thanksgiving? i think so

  6. actually i just saw a commercial on MTV about the Real World 2006 being in Key West Florida which starts in Feburary…4 living in sterling heights im not 2 happy i was exited……?

  7. Hey Anonymous…they always film ahead of time. Which means while MTV is showing Key West on Tv, filming will begin for Detroit.

  8. Anyone really bashing Detroit obviously doesn’t live anywhere near it. It’s cleaned up so much the last year and I can totally see a Real World taking place downtown. You don’t need to run back to your car and speed away. Like I said, people who think it’s that bad don’t live around there or ever bother going there. And who said RO is the worst, are you kidding me? You live in Ferndale… you can’t talk. Royale Oak is a great downtown area with lots of stuff to do, and there are so many new clubs/bars in Detroit. I think it’ll be a good season.

  9. the real world detroit is currently filming in royal oak,some friends of mine were bar hopping last weekend and saw mtv’s film crews near washingtom street by woody’s, o`tool’s and fifth ave billiards.

  10. My cousin lives in a loft in Downtown Detroit, with a awsome view of Ford Feild. There is tons of stuff to do downtown. We walk every where. There’s bars, clubs, resturants and the casinos. Plus the sporting events. But I did hear that MTV was in the Detroit area filming a MADE episode.

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