Kate Moss: Still Prettier Than You

I’m totally against drug abuse and all that, but I can’t help but feel that Kate Moss is still one of the most beautiful women in the world and I’d still love to see her looking gorgeous in advertisements and magazines. She’s such a great model. Take a look at her being attacked by ‘razzi in Barcelona–she still looks very pretty even when confused and a little bummed out!

Here she is sitting at a bar, drinking with friends. I’m sure it’s ginger ale she’s chugging.

Wonder what Pete Doherty is up to these days…

UPDATE: Appears as though he’s in rehab in Arizona.

3 Replies to “Kate Moss: Still Prettier Than You”

  1. i LOVE this description sent in to gawker yesterday, its so spot-on from the one time i saw her at hiro for har mar show:

    Saturday afternoon: Balthazar — Kate Motherf’n Moss. Chick is a flat out Rock Star…tight tight tight gray jeans on , big dark sunglasses, talking and chain smoking cigarettes with a couple self important older women on the street before sitting in the back booth for lunch…. she drips with this edgy, punk rock Attitude. You can FEEL it. It’s indescribable, really. The restaurant was definitely buzzing. As I was staring at her, feeling like a freak, I had this moment of clarity: there is NO WAY she is gonna stay sober. No possible way. 0% chance. She’s on a different planet, and on that planet you can do whatever the fuck you want. This story ain’t over…Did I mention she was freakishly breathtaking? I mean…damn.

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