For Ryan Adams, the Hardest Part Is Finding the Venue

Ryan Adams played TriPAC tonight as part of the Wall Street Rising free concert series. As per usual, the show was a brilliant comedy of errors. First there was a false start to the show, where the band was announced but no one could find Ryan. About 10 minutes later Ryan Adams had apparently been found and/or arrived at the venue. He explained later that he had gotten lost and couldn’t find the performance space.

There were some entertaining rants about Ryan’s disastrous experience filming Austin City Limits (which airs in January). Basically Ryan got mad that one of his recently purchased (???) fancy guitars that “looked so cool” could NOT stay in tune. He became so agitated that he turned to a man and told him that if he gave him 20 dollars, Ryan would sell him the evil acoustic guitar. The man replied, “I only have 5 bucks.” Ryan responded by shoving his boot through the guitar. “It was either going to be gravity or my boot,” Ryan commented to the audience tonight about the incident.

Ryan kept taking loads of time between songs to have side conversations with the Cardinals and to take time out to tell the audience ridiculous stories about how he thew his glasses out of a cab window the night before, and that he was having trouble remembering the songs but that they were all the same anyway…“I’ll kill myself now…or I’ll kill myself later, fuck you now, or fuck you later,” songs about being sad, etc.

And in a twist of “how did this come about?,” Minnie Driver came out for “Games” and did the backing vocals (see below photo) She seemed kinda hesitant to do the song, telling Ryan, “Yeah, I know the song, but like ‘la la la’…” Also looked like Danny Clinch is continuing to document Ryan and co. as he was seen running around the stage with a video camera.

Minnie Driver sings with Ryan Adams


Check out some awesome photos of the concert over at Dan’s Flickr account. And also, download the title track off of Ryan’s new album, 29, courtesy of a link from Aquarium Drunk.

DOWNLOAD: “29” by Ryan Adams

Read what other fans are saying over at Ryan

P.S.- I still totally have the biggest crush on Ryan and his perfectly-shaped behind. He wore a red and black checked shirt, jeans, and cowboy boots. He didn’t look anything like his Grizzly Man self. *Dreamy sigh*

UPDATE: BitTorrent the entire show right here


DOWNLOAD VIDEO: “Hard Way to Fall” – Ryan Adams and The Cardinals @ TriPAC

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  1. Shakedown
    What Sin
    Peaceful Valley
    Beautiful Sorta
    A Kiss Before I Go
    Please Do Not Let Me Go
    Neil Casal: Hello Jane?
    Love is Hell

    5 min intermission

    The End
    Jacksonville Skyline
    Hard Way to Fall
    Now That Your Gone
    Games w/Minnie Driver
    Rescue Blues
    Magnolia Mountain
    To Be Young
    I See Monsters

    setlist from

  2. Ryan Adams… wanker. Request “summer of 69” where ever you see him play live. Last time it made him cry! Like I said.. what a wanker!

  3. why don’t you just put the photos you took up on your flickr account instead of linking to someone else’s? you obviously took enough… do you think people are going to steal them?

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