Night After Night

After filling myself up to my eyeballs with Rent, I headed over to Hiro to catch The Sounds previewing songs off their new album, Dying to Say This to You. The crowd up front was totally into it, jumping around, punching their fists up in the air, and flickering their lighters. (But according to reports, the NYC crowd paled in comparison to the LA crowd, who were even more rowdy.)

One girl would no longer stand to be simply in the audience, so she leapt onstage between songs and held Maja‘s hand up in the air. “Get this person I don’t know away from me,” Maja’s facial expression seemed to say.

Everyone’s favorite fashionable DJs, The MisShapes, James Iha, and the Tarts of Pleasure spun the ones and twos as well. I saw some girls with AMAZING 80s hair, but alas, no pictures of them…although I’m sure Last Night’s Party snapped them. They really were amazing looking…and had the “Addicted to Love” glassy eyes going on.

MORE: I also happen to see Michael from Stellastarr* last night at the show. Can I just say here that Michael is always such a delight to see out and about? Anyway, he told me that he and the band were leaving for Mexico the next morning to play an electronic music festival. They are one of only 3 rock acts on the bill, and the other two sing in Spanish. I gave Michael a run-down in need-to-know Espanol–mainly “No comprendo.” “Tu hablas ingles?” and “Donde esta el bano?”

Apparently people LOVE Stellastarr* in Mexico, they’ve been getting a ton of radio airplay. I told Michael, “You guys could be the next Morrisey,” because Mexicans LOVE Morrisey, so actually it makes sense that they’d love SS*. Michael said they were brushing up their Spanish language song covers like “La Bamba.” I suggested that they do a cover of a song from Christina Aguilera’s Spanish album, Mi Reflejo. Here’s to having a safe flight guys!

THE SETLIST: 24/ Queen/ Hit Me/ Night After Night/ Seven Days a Week/ Painted by Numbers/ Much Too Long/ Dance with Me/ Song with a Mission/ Ego/ America/ R N R/ Turbo/ Fire/ Hope You’re Happy Now

Guess it’s only appropriate that I like the James Iha remix of “Sweet Troubled Soul” right here:

DOWNLOAD: “Sweet Troubled Soul” Remix by James Iha

The Sounds

All up in yo FACE

The Sounds

The MisShapes

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