Arctic Monkeys and Surefire: I Bet You Look Good On the Bowery Ballroom’s Dancefloor

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys



KAPOW! Arctic Monkeys and Surefire played a pop-tastic show at the Bowery Ballroom tonight. Mikey Skinner (aka The Streets) was there, and when I saw him I started to hyperventilate like an overactive teenager because I think “A Grand Don’t Come for Free” was the greatest album of 2004. David Bowie was there too.

In the esteemed opinion of both Gabriela and Nora, tonight’s show was better than last night’s “industry-type” affair at the Mercury Lounge that featured Lindsay’s sworn enemies, overzealous photographers. That was probably due to the fact that half of the people at the show were British, and the other half were in a good mood. By the second song a mosh pit was already forming right at the front of the stage. Arms were being thrown up in the air, and people were not singing along to the songs, they were shouting along. Some points during the show I felt like the crowd was only a few beers away from starting to sing fight songs and resorting to football hooliganism. But luckily for everyone, people cooled their jets and refrained from killing each other in the throes of musical passion.

Gotta say, I definitely enjoyed the show. I was surprised by how many songs sounded familiar to me seeing as how I’ve never really sat down and listened to the Arctic Monkeys. What the hell? It’s like osmosis or something like that going on. I’m totally tired, but I just want to say what I like about the Arctic Monkeys is that I think that even though they have that manic, jittery, rough-around-the-edges sound that’s so popular among today’s Brit Rock scene, I think the Monkeys have pretty clever lyrics. Really. Ok. More later. Zzzzz.

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17 Replies to “Arctic Monkeys and Surefire: I Bet You Look Good On the Bowery Ballroom’s Dancefloor”

  1. Do Americans not shout, push, pogo, fight and dance like crazy idiots at gigs? Is it only the British? If not… why bother even going?

  2. i’m over the arctic monkeys…completely overrated. but i did love kapow!, even though they said their name with very little enthusiasm (do they even deserve the !?) and surefire…well you know my love for them

  3. kapow was horrible i dont even think they were enjoying themselves on stage and what was up with their last song that turned into 2 more last songs….

  4. Being a Brit in NYC for 6 years and well in to the alternative music scene seeing bands is what i live for and let me tell you the punters at the gigs in NYC gigs are like lemons,it really irks me that these bands fly 10000’s of miles to play to these people and barely get a hand clap for there efforts,really people you really need to enjoy yourselves a bit more.Gigs in England are riotous drunken affairs , if you read Jack Whites interview in the NME he pretty much hits the nail on the head with American audiences and heres a few tips for ya-
    1) Drink more and buy some rounds
    2) Stop trying to look cool cause your into the latest Brit band and
    F*** of back to Williamsburg
    3) Move your ass a little you’ll still look cool honest!
    4) Let your hair down a little by taking that stupid hat off
    5) Most of all surrender your ticket to any Brit outside who dosent have a ticket(ie ME) so that the space is filled with someone who will enjoy themselves!
    Mardy Bum

  5. Anonymous! I completely agree with you.
    Someone needs to start a gig going dance troupe.

    The only qualifications being that the posse heads to gigs, drinks like fish, and dances till their feet bleed.

    Not to harp on about London buuuuut…
    I miss waking up in the morning after gigs in london with aching calves from dancing so damn much.

    I miss having to re-sole my boots every month and a half from dancing so much.

    I miss walking like I’m 85, old, and decrepit after seeing a particularly rousing gig.

    Don’t get me wrong. I still whip my feet around in a frenzy when I go to gigs in NYC. It’s just a bit more difficult to get down and rowdy when everyone else is standing like statues…

  6. another thing…are you still watching top model? i missed last night (stupid arctic monkeys gig) but my roommate told me they kicked off lisa…lisa?? why?? cos she’s a lush? that girl had it in the bag, man. what happened?

    when are we going back to chelsea piers?

  7. I don’t know, you lot must not be going to the same gigs as me and my friends, or you’d be saying, “Oh it’s those crazy girls up front again.” Not all New Yorkers are too cool to dance and jump around…

  8. You need to go to England to see a gig really then you will know the difference where from the front to the back its rockin

  9. If you want to act civilized go to the cinema do not expect it in place sells alcohol and plays loud music people would be inclined to enjoy themselves by acting different to their normal civilized selves.

  10. I’m not an uber cool new yorker but I’m not a fucking mad brit either…I was at the show in the front and I was warned before hand that the audience were all brits, not heeding this there were a bunch of drunken louds pushing me all around…that’s not dancing. I’m up for fun and dancing like a crazy idiot but pushing at arctic monkeys? I’ll be in the balcony the next time.

  11. I dont know what to say. Im American and love the country. But our people have to be the most boring at shows. Don’t GO! I was very drunk before the show. But jumped around so much, that by the time i left I was becoming sober. The best time Ive ever had at a show “.”

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