The Strokes’ “Juicebox” Video Leaks

David Cross as DJ


tastes just like chicken

what are you wearing?

The Strokes’ new video consists of David Cross playing a sleezy, annoying DJ, filming of lesbian porn, vomitting, camera phone pictures, peeing, sex messaging, gay hookups in the bathroom, and white shoes. Dear lordy. Thanks to B. for the head’s up and The Strokes Message Board for the link.

DOWNLOAD: “Juicebox” Video by The Strokes

25 replies on “The Strokes’ “Juicebox” Video Leaks”

  1. Everyone admit it. The band live is good and innovative. The shots of the other people makes it look like a mid 90’s nick at nite advertisement.

  2. I admit it.

    This video makes me just as uneasy as the song. ooo risque scenes, gay action and implications of beastiality.
    And no, I’m not uneasy because of the diverse sexuality displayed. I’m uneasy with the fact that I have to look at Julian’s zits throughout the whole video and the rest of the band members looking like extreme versions of their former self.

  3. who else can pull this video of
    kid rock?????? NO
    papa roach? NO

    Not even Madonna i feel. Thats just how cool these punks are

    and to your comment on julians zits, that shows the rawness of the video and how they dont need airbrushing like the likes of your sean paul, usher faggots who feel getting there top off and dancing like a mongoose on ectasy will sell them records to buy themselves a porshce with 21″ chrome rims *GET A LIFE*

  4. the beauty of this video is that it shows just how laid back the strokes are in a music industry where are these bands are popping up and saying just how ‘rock’n’roll’ they are which (in my opinion) is utterly pathetic. The extreme scenes (i.e. the lesbians making out etc) are just there to emphasize their coolness – nice break from other music phonies a mon avis…

  5. yo creo q julian es un bonbon y si no estubiera casasdo yo le dria una noche inolbidable si qieren encontrar amigas como yo escribanme

  6. I enjoyed the music video very much so. I also think Jules is a very attractive young loking man. I also enjoyed because it shows very awkward scenes that, quite frankly, don’t make very much sense to me. But that all adds up to why I liked it.

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