White Stripes: No DUMBO for You

Jack and Jimmy on Guitar WorldJust today I was told about this rumor going around that the White Stripes would be doing a $2 Dollar Bill for MTV at the end of the month at Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn. Unfortunately those rumors are…not true. How could they, when they are scheduled to do a secret show at Sound Fix Records. (I’m kidding, they aren’t doing either appearances. In light of all the recent comments Jack has made, not playing shows in America may be the only way to keep him happy.)

But don’t worry, Americans will be getting their fix of the three-toned twosome no matter what. In addition to the Daily Show and Conan appearances they will be making, Meg and Jack will be seen on one of your glowing screens in the following in the near future: Fuse’s 100% Show and a VH1.com Session

And I know many of you may have been curious to know which magazine Jack and Jimmy Page posed together for in September…well it’s for the cover of Guitar World. The issue hits stands December 15.

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  1. Jasper – I’m holding out for that too… hopefully in Chicago again! Any day now they should announce it. 😉

  2. Some of you really don’t understand the concept of this Coke “song” at all do you? I’m confused, that link you provided said they are going to be on $2 bill, but you say that it’s just a rumor. That link you provided didn’t make it sound like it was a rumor.

  3. The “concept,” unfortuantely, is in your head. The “reality” is that it is a jingle. Attempting to preach down to those of uis who don’t understand the “concept” is foolish. You have no reason to defend Jack White. The “teaching the world to sing…” ad campaign was complete bullshit and so is this. His talents as a songwriter notwithstanding, nothing can change the fact that this too is complete bullshit. Put any other quasi-indie band in his shoes and the bitchforks of the world and their admirers would be tearing them apart. Please, feel free to “educate” us dimwits who can’t see through the “sell out” (red and) white noise.

  4. I agree with the last comment. What a hypocrite! If you read the NME article you will be surprised to hear how much Jack White hates America and American audiences. Give me a break. Why doesn’t he take his millions and shove them upis arse!

  5. Re: Coke ad

    I hate it when these indie fans project their views onto the artists they love. They think just because the band is or was once indie that they must hold the same anti-corporate views as them or they must follow a certain set of beliefs. If the artist goes against these beliefs their fans project on them, then the fan feels betrayed and for what reason? The artist doesn’t play music to change the world, fight the man, or try to shake things up. They do it because it is something they love and they shouldn’t be held accountable for making decisions that goes against their fans principles. That is the fans fault for expecting them to hold these beliefs to begin with just because they happen to be an indie artist. You all set your standards too high for these artists and that is why you are continually dropping bands like flies because they make decisions you find unacceptable. Jack has never really been outspoken against corporations. The only corporation he seems to loathe is the auto industry, partly because the auto industries fucked up his city. Jack even said in the past they were never against doing commercials. Sure they turned down the Gap ad, probably due to the fact that they didn’t want to parade around in GAP clothes in some lame-ass commercial for a product they didn’t give two shits about. Coca-Cola is a product Jack uses and has used forever. He even used to help deliver Coke in the Coke delivery trucks when he was younger. Does that make it ok? Well you be the judge. Jack has made it as far as he has due to good old fashioned hard work. He never once sold out to achieve the success they have and that is something you can’t say about a lot of bands. Maybe he feels that now he has achieved probably the most success with The Stripes that he ever will, he can focus on other projects. Writing a brand new song for Coke, a song that has to be timeless and perhaps become a classic like the original, is a big and challenging project no matter which way you slice it. He won’t appear in the ad and his band has absolutely nothing to do with it. So you might be able to say Jack sold out, but his band didn’t sale out. Besides, I think my ideas of selling out and your ideas are different. I think selling out is when the artist compromises his music or artistic vision due to pressure from record companies in order to appeal to the masses. I don’t think Jack has ever done that and probably never will. He makes music he wants to make. I doubt when he is writing songs he sits there and thinks, “will this be a top 40 hit?” “how much money will this song get me?” “I should probably change this song to make it more suited for the pop charts”. With the ad I don’t think he is compromising anything if he wants to do it and he is doing it his own way and not Coke’s way. You can think whatever you want though, I’m just offering a different perspective.

  6. Yeah and it’s not like Jack is going to get Coke to move more units. If someone hasn’t thought of trying Coke by now, then they aren’t ever going to try it. I don’t think a commercial is going to make them want to. Coke has been around too damn long to all of a sudden have a spike in sales due to one commercial.

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