Fans Discuss Jack’s Latest Statements about American Audiences

White StripesI guess it wouldn’t be Wednesday unless I posted about the White Stripes. The big news on the WS front is the newest issue of the NME featuring a lengthy interview with Jack. The following quote from the interview is being singled out as a big point of discussion among fans:

“The former upholsterer has an iPod but confesses that he doesn’t really know how to use it, while anything web based is total and utter anathema to him. ‘For the average Joe, the interenet is a great invention and it adds something to life and makes things easier’ he explains. ‘For artists and musicians it does nothing but spoil surprises and rob artists of the element of surprise. For example, we were working on our video for the next single with Michel Gondry and some asshole actor that was an extra on the video went online the next day and told everybody what was in the video. He had absolutley no right to do that and yet it happened because the internet exsits.

”What we’re dealing with is the fact that this is the generation where everybody wants everything right now. Like the crowds at the show who want to watch a movie. Some of these kids feel like they shouldn’t have to go to the show and go to the merch table and buy something–they should be able to click their mouse and buy something straight away. That’s spoilt. That’s really really spolit. Sickeningly spolit. He shrugs. ‘But you can rest assured that opinion is not going to be popular if you print it in the NME. And people think I’m an asshole for saying it.’ “

Gotta admit, ever since I heard about the cast and crew being pissed off about the Status Ain’t Hood post, I can’t look at the cardboard Conan in “The Denial Twist” video quite the same way.

UPDATE: Status Ain’t Hood is preparing his battle rap response against Jack calling him an “asshole.” May I suggest not staging it at a Blanche show. Maybe you can do it at the Dirtbombs/ The Muldoons show at the Magic Stick on November 23. I guess that would be most appropriate.

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  1. The thing is if you know he isn’t talking about you, then there is no reason to personally offended. I just don’t like his negative attitude in this interview and I’m tired of him constantly complaining about the internet. He’s called Americans spoiled before, in fact he’s said many things similar to what he said in this interview. It’s just different this time because he sounds so whiny and pissed.

  2. I think he’s on drugs. Seriously. His mood is constantly changing and his behaviour has become increasingly erratic.

  3. i can’t wait until he starts complaining about how spoiled americans are because they have “electricity” and “running water.” the reason why british shows are so rowdy and “full of energy” is because the drinking age is 18. do you remember how you partied when you were 18 in comparison to how you did when you were 21? also the act of going to a show in britain is totally different than how americans look at it. why can’t he complain about something that matters, like the war in iraq, instead of about stupid shit about him feeling like other people are brats. give me a break!

  4. I don’t know which is worse: Hearing Chris Martin talk about Fair Trade or Jack White complain about America.

  5. what’s the big deal? he’s said all this before. and, anyway, we *are* spoiled and increasingly impatient and this is absolutely related to the internet. and if jack doesn’t like it, he can stop using the web to sell his merchandise and all those live cuts of “denial twist.” i don’t understand the point in being offended, though. rock stars are supposed to be moody and self-centered and hypocritical. otherwise we wouldn’t hate them and love them and envy them so much.

  6. Three Quid: “The internet and those burdensome illegal file sharers got you down (spoiled rock stars)? Well,do what I do when my latest song has been leaked and I’m beat from a stadium tour…Reach for a cool refreshing Coke!”

    Announcer: “Hey kidz look out for the White Stripes : ‘Coca-Cola Rock Over’ Tour hitting up a stadium near you this summer!!!”

  7. “…and when you’re in the bigger room, you might not know what to do, you might have to think of how you got started sittin’ in your little room…” I think Jack’s room is getting too big. But that’s just my opinion

  8. I feel duped! I just spent around $300 dollars for tickets and forgetting to WS shows. I’m sorry I didn’t do backflips and bare my breasts to show my “American” enthusiasm. It’s really too bad success has gone to his head and ate his brain. Just move to England and let’s see all the money you make.

  9. wow, who’s whiney, complainey and pissed off now??? its funny how you call him hypocritical when you’re complaining about his complaints…lets be honest, hes a brat, you’re a brat, and i’m a brat. theres no point in pretending. He’s completely right anyway, the internet has done just what he explains it has done and by the way, if stupid teenage idiots could learn how to not rely on alcohol to have fun at a concert we’d all be better off…it’s pretty pathetic. (so really this whole 18 vs. 21 thing is pretty sad)

  10. and what about jack saying he had no friends in detroit anymore … um… poor brendan benson , blanche etc. , etc. , ….

  11. It really makes me laugh how people can be so bitchy and pissy at someone just because they dare to do something different.Of course he’s gonna be pissed his song got on the internet,thats like saying,wouldn’t you be pissed if some idiot who knew about one of your ideas,stood on top of a building and made an announcement of what it was? People really do lack respect when it comes to acting like a spoilt brat,and keeping their mouths shut.
    And why the hell shouldn’t jack piss and moan about it? He has every right to! The internet is a cool way of communication yeah,i’m not knocking it cos here i am on it,it’s just the attitude of children who use it.
    And people who dig at his image and say he rips off johnny depp,and people who say “come to england and try it” …well,i’m from England,and they have a huge NON spoilt fan base over here,i saw them two days ago,and it was the best concert i’ve been to.
    People think it’s okay just to ridicule him for saying what he wants,but all the more power to him i say,it’s the rest of you who need to get a life for bitching about it over the net.

  12. Let us know when you have a job and fall in love so we can decide if you’re worthy to have an opinion about anything.

  13. Wow! What a nerve! I can’t believe that people actually show an interest in Jack White’s music and videos! To think that the world has come down to being excited over a band’s new video…this type of behavior must stop! I have the solution: we all have to get really pasty complexions and talk in a very mysterious dialogue. When something excites us, we have to show absolutely no emotion whatsoever. People will think that we are so cool that soon enough everybody will be having their own videos! Shame on the Briehan brothers for giving free advertising for this video! They should both be shot. Jack White doesn’t need publicity, people will love his music and videos regardless of who talks about it. It’s really too bad that Tom Briehan actually showed an interest in Jack White in the first place. It’s even worse that he used his newfangled computer to make his job, of being a reporter, a little bit quicker. We should go back to the old days, where news was reported weeks old, where music was made without computers, and where nobody knew anything about anybody. I, for one, was so excited about viewing the new video for “Denial Twist.” Every night I scratched off one day on my calender, going to sleep just a little better knowing that I was one day closer to viewing this masterpiece of cinematography. Then out of nowhere this Tom guy completely ruins the surprise! Surprise! Jack White looks like an asshole who is trying to fake being deep in the video! Surprise! Jack got celebrities to enhance his own image on screen! Surprise! The “Denial Twist” sounds just like “There’s no Home for You Here,” “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” and pretty much every other White Stripes song. Surprise! This very video hasn’t even been played regularly on MTV because, Surprise! The White Stripes new CD is absolutely terrible. And finally, Surprise! Jack White went from being a pretty cool musician to a rageaholic, overhyped, mediocre “artist” who doesn’t give a shit about the few fans who still display any type of interest in his mediocre music. He instead likes to fly off the handle and verbally abuse a reporter who was happy to be at the video. Jack White is a jackass who thinks he is much more important than he actually is. Get over yourself, buddy, before you start taking out your frustration (because your career is pretty much heading south) on people who might actually consider calling themselves a White Stripes fan. You pretentious asshole.

  14. Talk about overreacting. Unless you are Tommy’s mommy, you should take some of your own advice and get over your arrogant, pretentious, raging, assholier than thou self already.

  15. Hm is Rob Gunther Status Ain’t Hood, a friend of his, or possibly his little asshole brother? Hm I think so! To say that all of The White Stripes songs sound the same is the most ridiculous pile of horsehockey I’ve ever heard. Jack White is far from mediocre as well. It sounds like someone got their little feelers hurt personally by these comments. Go ahead and attack Jack the man all you want, but attacking the music is going a little too far. You can’t deny he is talented and you can’t deny the music is great. It just sounds like you or someone you know got burned by Jack’s comments.

  16. Is the world really such an awesome place that discussing Jack White’s attitude and opinion of himself,regardless of coming across as a hypocrit yourself because you have an attitude ten times worse,and hold an opinion of yourself so high you feel you can knock someone’s efforts and success,is totally okay? jesus would you listen to yourselves? He’s in the limelight,he doesn’t WANT nor CARE about people knowing about his private life,he’s just here for the music,and for the record,he’s not pretending to be deep,he IS deep,it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out by listening to the lyrics.
    LOL and one more thing..why the hell would he come online to defend himself? 1.he doesn’t like the net,asshole,can’t you read? And’re only JUST another person,it’s not like your opinion is even valid.

  17. Yeah,quote me.I don’t care.It’s true,like Jack is honestly gonna even give a crap what anyone else’s opinion on him is,working in that industry it takes a hell of a certain type of person.So why bang on and on about something he doesn’t know,nor even care about?
    Especially when knocking his music IS low,someone said “Let us know when you have a job and fall in love so we can decide if you’re worthy to have an opinion about anything.” and they were so right.

  18. Hmmm…I never attacked his personal life. And, I never ever even implied that it would be ok to intrude upon his private life. That would be wrong. But, as a musician, if someone is excited about his video, well then he can’t really complain. I put a fake blog address because I don’t have a blog, but if you go to my college newspaper, you can check out all my writings. I prefer to have people see my opinions, which are valid, in print. I’m not really into the whole blogging thing … its kinda lame. Oh and I was in London this summer … not terribly impressed.

  19. “‘For the average Joe, the interenet is a great invention and it adds something to life and makes things easier’ he explains. ‘For artists and musicians it does nothing but spoil surprises and rob artists of the element of surprise. For example, we were working on our video for the next single with Michel Gondry and some asshole actor that was an extra on the video went online the next day and told everybody what was in the video. He had absolutley no right to do that and yet it happened because the internet exsits.'”

    Looks like some asshole video-director also went and blabbed on the internet about the content of the video, *weeks before it came out*!:

    “It’s going to be a real — how do you say it? — a mindblower,” Gondry said. “It is based on one day in Jack and Meg’s life. It’s re-enacting a day when they went to play on the Conan O’Brien show, in a very bizarre way. We see them playing on the stage, then they talk to Conan, and then they take their car and drive amongst giant people, and then they go home and watch their performance on TV. But the whole time, they will be distorted and stretched…

    …from everything Gondry said, the “Denial Twist” video is going to be plenty funny and weird. He’s building a compressed set in New York — Conan’s just wouldn’t cut it for the complex camera tricks he plans on using — and he wants to do the video all in one take. He also promises plenty of bright colors and a fair amount of post-production wizardry too. And while Gondry swears that O’Brien will definitely make a cameo in the video, it might not be as the host of his show.

    “We might have someone wearing his picture on their face, because we have to stretch that person, so we might have to get a [little person] and put a compressed image on their face,” Gondry said. “But who knows? All I can tell you is that Conan will be in the video.”

    Really, what exactly is the problem?

    Here — this is how I found out about music videos before I even knew what email was:

    Me: “Dude, that Beastie Boys song ‘Sabotage’ totally rocks!”

    Friend With Cable: “Yeah! And have you seen the video for it?”

    Me: “No, I haven’t — is it good?”

    Friend With Cable: “Yeah, it’s hiarious — it’s done like the intro to a ’70s cop-show, and they’re running around with these hilarious wigs and mustaches and stuff and wearing suits with butterfly collars… yeah it’s really funny.”

    Me: “That sounds awesome, I totally want to see it…”

    Friend With Cable: “Well, I taped it off ‘120 Minutes’ last night, so you should come over and watch it later…”

    Me: “Dude, that’d be great!”

    Apparently — in the 2005 version of this interaction — my response is supposed to be something like: “You *asshole*! How dare you! I didn’t even know this song *had* a video for it, and now you’ve *ruined* it for me by telling me what was in it!”

    Friend With Cable: “Uh, sorry, man.. um, I didn’t think a music video would be such a big deal to you…”

    What, are we all “Star Wars” fans now? Fretting about ” **SPOILERS** ” to a music video? This isn’t an M. Night Shyamalan movie! Shit, this ain’t even R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”! It’s one good video for one good song, that people would be talking about whether there were an internet or not…

  20. Did anyone think that maybe he called that guy an asshole because he revealed that Jack was doing a guest voice on The Simpsons, when it probably isn’t even going to happen?! All he did was get a bunch of fans excited for no damn good reason. Even if he were doing a voice on the Simpsons, this guy revealing it would definitely be spoiling a surprise.

  21. All i know is that jack white is an asshole for calling a fan an asshole. If jack white was a nice guy, he wouldn’t have called one of his fans an asshole. Jack white is not a nice guy … he thinks he is better than everyone else. He should be happy that anybody even gives a shit about him. If Jack White wanted his video to be filmed in a top-secret and isolated location he could have. He also could have paid real actors to be in his video instead of fans. But he didn’t, and now he is whining like a baby. The white stripes’ sound is old and uninspiring. Well, it has inspired me to go outside once in a while so i don’t wind up looking like an albino.

  22. If beating other people up makes you a “cool guy,” er, I guess…neither is all that cool for that reason in my book.

  23. I love how everybody here acts like they know Jack White personally. Christ, you sound like a bunch of jilted mothers-in-law, and both sides of the argument are blowing things equally out of proportion. In no way can one extrapolate from these comments that a.) Jack thinks his fans are assholes, or b.) he hates America and doesn’t want to play shows there anymore. He isn’t even explicitly TALKING about America; I believe the only specific he gave was “this generation,” which last I checked is a measure of time and not geography. He considers the Internet to be a double-edged sword, and he has an unfortunate habit of using interviews to vent. Get over it. It’s not like this isn’t a tiny excerpt of an interview, taken out of context with sentences bolded for emphasis. Besides, even if he IS an asshole, he’s still a hell of a lot more interesting than all the cookie-cutter “our fans are the best” diplomacy bullshit you hear from a million other bands. At least he has the decency to ADMIT he’s an asshole.

    P.S. Did you ever consider that he might not like US audiences because they tackle him, start moshpits, throw balloons and yell during the quiet bits? Just a thought.

  24. WS American audiences usually draw a crowd of many diffrent kinds of people…The fans that come and mosh and jump on stage or stand quiet because they don’t want to seem “uncool” by apprearing to have a good time are the ones he’s surley referring to…the rest of us have a grand old time and enjoy every second with smiles, sing alongs, and appreciation.

  25. Everyone is so pissed off at Jack’s supposed negavite comments about America and about his audiences, etc., and yet have forgotten all the incredibly positive comments he has made over the years the same things. Go back and read some old interviews before you judge the man entirely on the merits of a few comments in ONE interview.

    Also, I am just stunned that someone said they weren’t impressed with London. Favorite. City. Ever. (And no, I am not British.)

  26. Thankyou,Gina and Zach,atleast some people have their heads screwed on.What is it that makes everyone care so much about him passing a negative comment about someone? He’s only human,and I bet you do it every day,just like you are now,calling Jack White an “asshole”,so what makes you better than him?
    If it was somebody who wasn’t in the limelight I bet you woudln’t care,just like i’ve stated before,he wouldn’t care to even read these comments you’re making.
    As for opinions being valid,yeah,they may be to you,but then to a lot of people you could be talking absolute bullshit.
    Jack has had a lot of success,and yeah he has said a lot of good things about America (even though he wasn’t attacking America specifically in that interview,somebody just took it personally didn’t they? Guilty concience maybe?) and yet people still pick on the negative,god forbid anyone should vent their anger.Aren’t you doing that now?

    lol,honestly the hypocrits in this world blow my mind.

    As for London,yeah,it’s cool,being from the UK though,I wish people would open their bloody minds a bit more and realise London isn’t,actually,ALL of the UK! And that Wales is NOT in England,and that not EVERY city is like London? Capeesh? x

  27. I just wanted to meekly and quietly add that I’ve met Jack and had a conversation with him about how he buys stuff on ebay. He’s charming at times, but an adept fabricator.

  28. Hey guys, what’s with the England crap, last I looked Jack n meg played three dates in Glasgow, SCOTLAND.
    And he enjoyed them immensely, I should know cause I was there.

    There is an element of alcohol consumption which loosens inhibitions at BRITISH shows I think, but that aint the whole story. I personally go to concerts to see a band I like, I’ve paid money for it and like singing and a dancin along. Why would you go, and stand with your arms folded and jeer? If you are a music lover, and a lover of a particular band, live shows are the best thing ever. This appreciation is conveyed at shows, and THAT is what comes across. And you can tell if bands feed off your energy.
    I think Jack’s comments about this generation being spoiled is quite a political statement – but in a Jack White way. Its like when the baby boomers, yuppies, Thatchers children or whatever cultural referential point you want to use are referred to. Its the NOW generation and I think his points refer to the fact that he probably doesn’t enjoy concerts where there is a ‘so prove it’ attitude, and there is nothing but negative energy. I get embarassed when crowds heckle bands -its rude and unecessary.

    Jack appears to focus on good ole values (NOT in the George Bush way), being gentlemanlye tc. Take his themes past and present about the ‘death of the sweetheart’, truth – all themes that point to the overwhelming perception of the fact that people are basically no longer nice. JAck seems to think that people have no manners and
    are rude and arrogant, and that this is typical of the current generation.
    In real terms, the world has always had bastards and it’s too simplistic to say this, or to point to Americas role on the world stage, or the internet as being as the result of western capitalism – but, JAck has plenty nice to say about British (a western capitalist country essentially), european and South American audiences. It cant be a coincidence that America (is there such a single thing) touts itself as leader of the world.Its citizens must absorb that in some way.

    IT could also of course be simpler than that. Jacks gonna be a dad, his wife is thousands of miles away and he is homesick for these things, if not detroit.

    Saying that, heres hoping the 3 Quid moniker is a piss take of 50 cent, and not the sign of a mental breakdown. If so, does this mean his marriage would be annulled on the grounds of incapacity………………

  29. “Hm is Rob Gunther Status Ain’t Hood, a friend of his, or possibly his little asshole brother? Hm I think so!” Hey! Rob Gunther is my old roomate, and I’m Status’s ‘little asshole brother’. Motherfucker. You don’t even know me dude. And wait – as writers we can attack people personaly but we aren’t allowed to attack their music? What in the fuck? Anonymous little dumbass, go suck shit.

  30. Hmm hello, I know it’s a bit too late for this, but upon seeing a post about this particular number of NME, I wanted to ask you if somehow you’ve got access to that article mentioned on the front cover “The Strokes go nuts in Brazil”?? I was there, and hmm, I’m desperate to read what this article says.
    Thanks! 😀

  31. Hey Jimbo I don’t have a Blogger account, so that’s why I’m anonymous. There is nothing wrong with attacking the music, but it was obvious he was attacking it just because he was pissed. It’s stupid to stoop to attacking the music just to undermine Jack’s credibility. There were other more tactful ways he could’ve defended Status Ain’t Hood. Oh and yeah what you did to Jack’s wife was an asshole thing to do. If you can’t see that, then you’re a dumbass. How in the hell did you expect her to respond? From all accounts I’ve heard, Karen is a very nice woman, she sure was being nice to your brother right? What you did was just really stupid and rude. You could’ve at least introduced yourself. That is how normal people greet others and if you really wanted to make her feel equal, then that is how you should’ve greeted her.

  32. Umm….I don’t have a blogger address either and I can still respond with a name. Sounds like a coward’s excuse to me. As for Jack White, I’ll take a Spider-Man quote to explain why Jack’s insults mean more than someone who isn’t famous … “with great power, there must come great responsibility.” Jack White is in the public eye (to you guys anyway) so what he says has more of an impact that someone like me posting on a blog that a total of probably 20 people might read (on a good day.) The only reason I even found this was because I heard Jack White went off on someone in the video … who happened to be my roomate’s brother. Or “flatmate” as you Brits call them. Everyone should just get over themselves and stop wasting hours defending Jack White. Do you think he is going to read this and ask you to be in the band or something? Why not focus on your own lives instead of living vicariously through famous people who might have paid you 2 seconds of attention at some concert 3 years ago. Fuck Jack White. Honestly, thats it. He is the spoiled American … the spoiled American celebrity who loses touch with reality and thinks he is better than everyone else. He is just like Bono from U2 … a complete hypocrite who commands certain things from his audience, yet feels unaffected by the rules that govern people who aren’t famous. Like that one blogger who wrote “Jack wrote us a message! He is amazing!” I feel really sad for anyone who gets excited by news like that … don’t you have friends that could leave you nice messages? Don’t you have a life that could give you more happiness than a message from Jack White? Who gives a fuck .. Jack White is a cocky d-bag.

  33. You do, that’s who. You’re carrying on a hell of a lot worse than the people you’re unhappy with. I hope it makes you feel better.

  34. Rob, you seem so angry. Let it go. I wasn’t going to respond to you but I felt the need. Yes, I have plenty of friends and I get plenty of shit for being a huge WS fan. But Jack White, the artist not John Gillis the man has made me care again. He has sparked something within me to awaken from the “coma” I was in. He is an incredibly creative person and his writing fascinates me. I like the way his mind thinks. I get it.

  35. You know what? I think bashing Tom Breihan (aka Status Ain’t Hood) anonymously is the only way to go. As stated in previous posts of others, the guy is close to seven feet tall; as stated in a previous post of mine, I have known him to start a physical fight with people over stupid little things. Maybe these people (myself included, there are probably many) who are not revealing their identities are not cowardly, but simply have common sense.

  36. Hello Comatose fans…

    wake up and realize that a lot of celebrities, even
    those who can play musical instruments
    negative publicity
    even when there is no news.
    make some negative comment
    or even a scandal
    to attract attention to your plight.
    and detract attention from the real important news
    about boring average people like you and me.

    there is nothing wrong with being ordinary
    or using the internet.

  37. Since when does my bro start physical fights with people over stupid little things? I think you have him mixed up with Jack White. And what did I “do” to Jack White’s wife that “was an asshole thing to do?” Ask her if she was the dude’s wife? From now on before anyone asks me anything I’m gonna laugh and walk away if they haven’t told me their name yet. And any time someone pisses me off just by doing their job I’m gonna be just like Jack White and complain to the British Press calling them an “asshole”, even if the person is in fact working for me and I could call himself up and say whatever I wanted to them myself if I really felt like it.

  38. How old are you Jim? You sound like a young’un. Oh yeah what you did to Karen was bad manners plain and simple. If you can’t see that, then you need a little lesson in etiquette. She probably thought you were joking around with her and that is why she laughed at you, because I’m sure she knew you already knew the answer to that question. I’ll bet she is also sick of people thinking of her as nothing more than “Jack White’s wife” as if that were her professional title. She is a normal person and you should’ve treated her like a normal person by introducing yourself.

  39. A little politeness and discretion goes a long way. I’ve met both Jack and Karen. They didn’t know me so I introduced myself. They were very gracious.

  40. When I first read your comment I thought you said, “the amount you don’t know could fill a crayon”. Hahaha

  41. leave jack alone,ive met him, he’s a lovely man.stop being so small minded and realise that everone is differenrt, he just likes things things done properly,the old fashioned way, the right way. it has no effect on your life, so dont let it worry your little heads.

  42. I think Rob Gunther is so pissed off because hes exactly the type of internet obsessed waste of time jack is talking about. HAving “anonymous” as your name doesnt make you a coward it just means you have more of a life than to be a member of every message board on the internet. Just because the internet is where Rob pisses his life away doesnt mean he has to be so unnecessarily angry making complete nonsense posts that he knows are nonsense. Go look at your porn and waste more of your time all day talking about what angers you on internet chat forums where nobody cares. You are without question the dumbest most arrogant person i have read a post of for as long as i can remember.

  43. Anonymous said…
    I think he’s on drugs. Seriously. His mood is constantly changing and his behaviour has become increasingly erratic.


    I don’t agree with the first part, but “his behaviour has become increasingly erratic” indeed.

  44. Fact: I heart the White Stripes. So much so that I send Jack White a Christmas postcard.

    Fact: I grew up on the same street as Status Ain’t Hood.

    Fact: My name is also Tom and I would like to claim the title of “Jack White’s Favorite Tom on the Block.” Sure, I got it by default, but I got it!

  45. Piss off, guys. He’s allowed to say what he wants. You should be happy that there are still artists who aren’t just blowing smoke up everyone’s asses. He has real opinions and real things to say.

  46. Yo, all you guys. come on. What he says is true. watch blackpool lights, and see how crazy those guys go. He has a valid point in complaining about the internet if his artistic vision and the performance that is the carreer. And don’t you think that it would be alot more exciting if you had to wait and see and get surprised all his crazy decisions? I say kill the internet ( i know, i’m on it right now) and we all have to start buying albums and magazines again for our fun.

  47. Hey guys it’s me, Nick Lachey. Jack White sites me as one of his biggest influences. We’ve also fucked.

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