My First Musical Crush: Duncan Sheik

To the person who keeps posting that this site continues to go down the drain in terms of content: You are going to totally L-O-V-E this post. And when I say “love” I mean “hate.”

Today I received the most delightful invitation to an “after show event” for Duncan Sheik and David Poe. I’m sorry to say I can’t remember the last time I really thought hard about Mr. Duncan Sheik, but he holds such a fond spot in my heart.

You see, I was a teenage girl in the late 90s. I lived on Long Island, I shopped at Tower Records, and I listened to Jewel and Fiona Apple because Jewel was *like* so earthy and folky and Fiona was *like* sooooo tortured and dark. But they were both really pretty and seemed…real, you know? Anyway, I also loved Duncan Sheik because he was so sensitive and talented and…dreamy looking. I loved his self-titled album.

When Humming came out in 1998, I was older, but still in high school. Actually, the first “real” concert I ever went to in New York City was Duncan Sheik. Hooverphonic was the opener. I was 17. Of course the Bowery Ballroom had an over-18 rule for the show and I didn’t have a fake ID. (Good girls don’t have fake IDs!) My two friends and I pleaded with the doorman to let us in. We stood outside for about 20 minutes before they snuck us in through the side doors telling us that if they caught us drinking anything we’d be in trouble.

I went to a meet-and-greet at the Virgin Megastore in Garden City and got Duncan to sign my CD and take a picture with me. I was so psyched. I was terrified when he performed on the “Rosie O’Donnell Show” and Rosie said that she liked to listen to “Barely Breathing” while sailing on her boat in Florida. I poured over the shots of his SoHo loft taken for InStyle magazine. I loved Duncan Sheik!

But after a few not so fantastic albums (er…Daylight anyone?!?!?), I weaned myself away from Duncan. I moved on to these cool new bands called “Travis” and “Coldplay” when I got to college. But upon seeing Mr. Sheik’s face in my inbox, albeit looking a smidge older and…Grizzly Bear Man-ish, I couldn’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside.

In any case, here’s a shout-out to the Sheik-ster. He’s playing a show at Irving Plaza tomorrow night. I encourage you to go out there and party like it’s 1996.

8 Replies to “My First Musical Crush: Duncan Sheik”

  1. Oh wow, what a cute post, (altough I wouldda pegged you as a Tori Amos devotee not Jewel!) Hm, Duncan Sheik…I swear to God I have no idea who this guy is or what he sounds like (although I heard his name in passing back in the ’90s). He looks like a friendly community college English teacher in this picture. I was so weird as a teen that my ’90s ‘alternative radio crush” was Gavin Friday…aka “the Irish Bowie.” Has anybody heard of this dude? Damn, he was cool! Like, if you took all the cheesy aspects out of Bono’s stage persona and add Bowie to the mix, voila: you get Gavin Friday! Check him out kids!

  2. Oh Man Laura, when i met the sheikster on that hot summer day, i should have said “Duncan! Im Barely Breathing” in reference to the unbearable heat. Hes a class act that Duncan Sheik. A class act.

  3. hey now don’t tottally disregaurd daylight, one of my favorite sheik songs is on that album…Half Life, its soo pretty.
    i’m about to check out the new album to see if i still like, but he really needs to shave that beard!!!

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