If You Like The Libertines/ Babyshambles/ Trashy-sounding British Bands…

The Needs by Andrew Kendall

The Needs (formerly Special Needs) = The Libertines – the drug arrests + Kaiser Chiefs‘ fashion sense + Maximo Park‘s flamboyant style. Right now I’m playing their song “Francesca” which has a great punky and punchy first 30 seconds. I love the repetition of “15! 16!” Their song “The Winter Gardens” is also particularly good. They mix doo-wop music with classic rock guitar riffs with a slightly unpolished sound. It’s like The Sights meets The Five Saints.

I have to give big ups to Mr. Andrew Kendall for posting beautiful pics of the band (before the tragic theft of his camera equipment) and posting the band’s MP3s. Check ’em out “Francesca” for yourself via the link below.

“Francesca” by The Needs

For more MP3s, click here.

3 Replies to “If You Like The Libertines/ Babyshambles/ Trashy-sounding British Bands…”

  1. Thanks for posting them on your website. They are my favorite band in London. They are such lovely bunch of guys and better yet, they put on the best shows in london. Everyone sings along and dances. People come from near and far to see them play But I would say that they are not really like the libertines or babyshambles… They have more doo whop punk sound than clash ska punk sound.

    Zach, the lead singer, is this great irish tenor. I really wish they would come to new york now that i have moved back.

    it was at their shows that i met some of my best friends. a needs show is something so much more… one day, the venue was so filled to capacity that many people were turned away. zach went outside and directed all these people to an old man’s pub down the street where he and the band after the gig came down and gave a free show to all those who could not get in. he climbed up on the pool table and sang. all the old men stood perplexed as all the scenesters and music fans piled in with their fishnets and jagged hair cuts. the old men were so impressed by the band that they pushed forward and raised their pint glasses. zach called this show his orangtang gig instead of the infamous guerrilla gigs so popular in london… what a fun night!

    thanks again for highlighting them… they need all the exposure they can get so they do not fade away….


  2. Seconding Ms. Rojacaliente’s comment, The Needs (still Special to me) are one of the best bands playing the London indie circuit at the moment. They get unfortunately lumped in with the post-Libertines East London “dirty band” scene, when they really have a much more 60’s-inspired sound. Their debut album is currently recorded, but languishing in label limbo – hopefully it will be released sometime next year.

    The pub gig mentioned above was the first time I saw them live – as one of the poor unfortunates who arrived too late and was left out in the cold, I was amazed at both the band’s concern for their fans, and, later on in the pub, at the sheer joy they inspired in their fans, many of whom are now my closest friends.

    I am very pleased to see a little bit of Stateside attention for this fantastic band. For a taster of a lovely article in the first issue of a great new music magazine that unfortunately will not be available in the states, but will be in the usual newsagents in the UK, see http://www.stateofplaymagazine.com.


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