Demetri Martin Makes Me Laugh Like This: Ha Ha

Demetri Martin

Last Friday I went to see a hilarious comedy show by Demetri Martin entitled “These Are Jokes.” I first came to know about him only a few months ago after catching one of his specials on Comedy Central. The only way I can describe Demetri Martin is by saying the following: Imagine if Adam Green and Jason Schwartzman had a baby boy, and that baby boy was ridiculously funny and played guitar, keyboards, and a glokenshpeal while telling jokes. That would be Demetri. You can catch his show through November 29th at the Village Theatre in Greenwich Village. Buy tickets for 15 dollars ahead of time via Ticketweb. The Friday night I went, it was totally sold out and people had to end up buying standing room only tickets.

On a side note, Demetri rides a longboard and the dude with the really blue eyes from “Ed” was at the same show I went to.

Trust me, you must go. You will never look at a double hawk in the same way.

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  1. “a drunk person can be dangerous but a back-seat driver can be dangerous too……..if he’s persuasive

    ‘dude, turn here’
    ‘but those are trees!’
    ‘dude…trust me..’ ”

    god that made me laugh so hard

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