12 Replies to “First Impressions of Nick Valensi’s Hair In Brazil”

  1. Casablancas is rocking a very original look, one that Pete Doherty popularized back in the summer of 2003…Valensi looks like your run-of-the-mill indie rocker. But nevermind the fashions: their new songs suck beyond belief. Wow. They sat on the pot this long to shit out THIS RECORD?

  2. Julian wore a military jacket early in 2002, and the Libertines never would have been signed if the Strokes didn’t exist.

  3. Really? Anon may be right but Pete has officially copyrighted the hussar jacket look because he wore it on-stage during Live 8…(and his was from Topshop, no less. Teehee!)

    On second look, is that a Morphine Generations tee lurking under Valensi’s vest? OH no, the horror…

  4. I’m from Rio and I went in both strokes’ concert here. And i just say that: it was incredible HOT here in Rio…i was melting just looking to Julian with that coat…

    But both concerts was great…one of the best that i’ve seen. And with drew going crazy in the middle of the crowd. And with the 72 years old Fab’s grandmom dancing in the middle of the fans, happy to see his grandson playing in his family’s country for the 1st time…It was fabulous and unique! 😉

  5. jajaja…el pelo de nick xD
    y julian no se cambio de ropa en todo el tour por southamerica eh jajaja…
    en el concierto de Chile estaba tan borracho que tiro sus gafas al publico xD
    la suertecita dl q las agarro!!!
    eeeh…nu creo q entiendan na de lo q postie pero es lo q hay…
    StAy TuNeD fOr MoRe…the strokes…=P

  6. Nick, could not look Hotter!!!
    too bad hes married, his wife is way too ugly, se looks like a cheap wh*re, but him, sexy sexy sexy!!

    Julian, looking better!

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