A Little Bit of Love for The Strokes

I know a lot of people have been dissing on the less than spectacular set of Strokes songs to “leak” onto the Internet, but I got to take a moment out to say I absolutely love “Razor Blade.” Some say the chorus sounds like a speeded up version of Barry Manilow’s “Mandy,”…I do have to admit I hear what y’all are talking about, but what’s original to the song is the fantastic lyrics of the chorus, “My feelings are more important than yours/ Drop dead, I won’t care, I won’t worry.” How brilliant is that? It’s as if Avril Lavigne co-wrote the song! (And yes, that’s a good thing…I think.)

5 Replies to “A Little Bit of Love for The Strokes”

  1. Dude, I’m still going to like the strokes when you get down to it. If I have hung on this long… i don’t think it’s a phase. I’m a dork dammit. Haters beware.

    And to modernage – You don’t seem to try as hard as the other bloggers. yay – ’tis good.

  2. but wait … Avril Lavigne doesn’t even write her own songs!

    and yes, I think I’ll like the Strokes no matter what, and I’ll probably even like their new CD no matter (almost) what.

  3. that’s not true. Avril Lavigne co-wrote almost all the songs off her last album…i think. and she even co-wrote that Kelly Clarkson song “Break Away”

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